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Sometimes the lad next door can have his own agenda
4/8/20 4:50 AM
jockedguy 2/17/20 8:27 PM
Taking Over The Mafia One Person at a time
9/25/19 7:45 AM
Years ago, a gay teenager bought a magazine, years later that could be the reason of his downfall
6/30/19 10:49 PM
M. Greene 2/23/19 1:10 PM
Liam and Duncan are living it up, while a confusing day leads to a fun night for another university student
1/10/19 9:17 AM
Will leaves his new university for the first time and gets lost in town
1/8/19 5:25 AM
A scally lad wakes up in a job centre but something is wrong, this wasn't his life.
1/1/19 7:59 PM
A guy tries to get away from football, and ends up joining the team...
7/17/18 10:07 PM
High Flyer Sabastian goes into the wrong pub and his taken down to another level
11/27/17 12:36 PM
Bryan goes to find some military lads to fulfil his fantasies
9/26/17 6:45 PM
After harnessing his modified pheromones Bryan continues his accession to alpha scally status
7/26/17 7:20 PM
M. Greene 5/18/17 6:58 PM
M. Greene 5/17/17 5:36 PM
M. Greene 5/16/17 9:50 PM
M. Greene 5/15/17 6:42 PM
M. Greene 5/14/17 7:55 AM
M. Greene 5/13/17 7:25 AM
M. Greene 5/13/17 5:26 AM
M. Greene 5/11/17 8:00 PM
M. Greene
A successful young man's life continues to spiral out of control.
5/10/17 7:08 PM
Ben is enlisted to enact punishment of another of his clients
7/5/16 1:59 PM