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RotherhamMan 2/24/20 7:35 PM
RotherhamMan 11/16/19 8:49 AM
RotherhamMan 11/7/19 4:18 PM
Prince Zane captures a soldier on his territory in the middle of the Zar desert, and has some supernatural means of dealing with him.
4/6/19 12:04 PM
Dragons 7/18/16 5:13 AM
An unassuming househusband accidently becomes the God-King of the world.
4/25/16 1:09 AM
Rich's new career begins in earnest
2/21/15 10:59 PM
Andy Spen 6/20/12 8:00 PM
The heroes explore their changes and another hero falls victim
6/14/09 8:00 PM