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A gift from an ex brings two friends closer together.
1/5/20 3:56 PM
NANOwriter 12/20/19 11:05 PM
Andy makes a late night discovery of a Deck of Cards, however they seem to want to play with him, rather than him play with them.
12/19/19 5:25 AM
A new path. Without realizing Sam makes three boys fall in love with him, what will he do when he realizes the power of his amulet?
10/21/19 10:56 AM
Phil tells Chris what happened last night after convincing him to go out.
10/3/19 12:32 PM
Derek Williams
When Evan can't find a job after college, his career counsellor helps him into a different track.
9/25/19 7:46 AM
Chris is given a hypnosis book and tries it on his roommate, Phil.
9/23/19 8:01 PM
Justin’s roommate Marcus has got himself in a situation again. Knowing a little magic, Justin is talked into helping Marcus out, except things don’t go quite as planned.
8/17/19 7:36 AM
Twan Andersen
"Hey little buddy. Sorry to wake you up, but do you think I can fuck you?"
4/5/19 5:13 AM
Math_Reez 💙
Sam really want to continue with his bonding time with Chad… but an unexpected call will change his plans
3/22/19 6:34 AM
Math_Reez 💙
You choose a new path, stay with your dear friend to help you sort things out... and maybe more.
3/16/19 12:32 AM
Sam gets the best of both worlds and enjoys his formerly straight friend.
3/16/19 12:30 AM
Sam receives a pendant from his grandfather, not what he expected but while he goes on his daily life, he will discover that magic is real and his fantasies may come true.
3/14/19 6:54 AM
Gory de Vlad
Mark moved into apartment with new roommates and his life start slowly changing.
3/14/19 5:22 AM
Scott opens his roommate's package on accident and becomes obsessed with what's inside.
12/29/18 5:04 PM
Willie Cici 12/13/18 5:46 PM
James gets an new app on his phone that let's him make changes to himself and his roommates
12/12/18 7:06 AM
James gets an new app on his phone that let's him make changes to himself and his roommates
12/9/18 4:57 PM
James gets an new app on his phone that let's him make changes to himself and his roommates
12/9/18 9:32 AM
This is what happens if you don’t know your own strength. Someone else would take over instead.
12/1/18 7:23 AM
Kurt and his roommate get brainwashed into submission by the neighbours without them realising
11/21/18 8:59 PM
There isn’t enough room for two masculine gay dudes in the same dorm room so Dan, ‘the star athlete,’ finds a special way to nudge Ethan downward on the masculinity scale.
8/23/18 4:17 PM
Voodoo Dreams
It started with the little things, what I’d steal: first his clothes, then his toothbrush, then his will - but before all that, just glances. The way his leather biker chaps creak over his cheeks as he bends into the fridge is still my favorite.
8/22/18 8:00 PM
Nicky Noxville
Derek returns to his dorm to face his roommate, and finally realizes the truth about who he is.
7/14/18 10:43 PM
Mark is sick of his slovenly, lazy roommate. Fortunately, with the new computer program he has developed, soon everything will change...
7/11/18 12:00 AM
Goody two shoes Mark can't handle his roommate's pot habit. He is determined to get theough his exams, but Reece has other ideas.
4/19/18 12:51 AM
A man starts using his roommate's hair products and his showers begin to change
2/20/18 7:00 AM
Mike is given a pill that he believed makes him smarter
1/7/18 8:07 AM
mw-scot (CodyTaylorNYC)
Andy wants more than to be flatmates with Richard, so he spikes his beer with some batter up
12/10/17 4:55 PM
A guest Sam had forgotten about arrives. Things get humiliating...
11/16/17 5:57 PM