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Two friends and cohabitants of an apartment struggle to deal with the effects of qarantining. One friend's revelation triggers a series of tantalizing events.
7/1/20 6:16 AM
6/30/20 5:24 AM
Georg is sick and tired of Ben making a mess in their apartment, but now Ben seems a little sick and Georg's just gonna have to take care of him.
6/19/20 6:31 AM
5356 words
Faisal is getting fed up with his roommate coming and going at odd hours and behaving oddly - what is Dave hiding from him?!
5/26/20 9:28 PM
2227 words
5/17/20 5:18 PM
1180 words
A simple nerd Colin develops a hypnotic app. He gains control over his incredibly hot roommate. But that's just the start of Colin's fun.
5/11/20 11:31 AM
2267 words
Adam's suddenly thirsty for cum, and there's only so many ways to get it from his roommate, Chuck.
5/7/20 5:50 AM
2346 words
5/6/20 7:34 PM
It’s David’s first time having sex with a man…isn’t it?
4/21/20 9:51 AM
After his last success, Pine wants a new objective, and Mike has a great idea.
3/6/20 9:16 PM