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KickIt 5/8/19 12:57 PM
Xavier has been noticing James acting strangely, and the two of them confront the issue over dinner, which James had lovingly prepared.
2/21/19 10:59 AM
Elan Musk
It's a tale as old as time. A stranger shows up at the door one day. His musk turns two unsuspecting twins into dumb, hairy muscle jocks with hard, throbbing, massive cocks.
1/27/19 12:55 AM
A college baseball player meets a very hairy next door neighbor who starts to have an effect on him
1/19/19 10:25 PM
Two friends since high school enter the Labyrinth, an attraction at their vacation resort, unknowing just how each of the 7 floors of the labyrinth would change their friendship and lives forever. On floor 1, the two friends begin to notice subtle changes in one another.
12/25/18 10:11 AM
Elan Musk
After smoking some potent herb, Brothers Hector and Juan find their relationship has changed dramatically.
12/20/18 2:06 PM
Willie Cici
Andrew's employer offers him an opportunity . . . unexplained
12/4/18 7:38 PM
Frank likes structure and rules in his home. Desmond likes corrupting families. Whatever could happen when the two meet?
11/26/18 11:31 AM
Belti 10/22/18 10:49 AM
Roles all around Italy have been redefined, in extreme characterture like ways
9/5/18 8:34 PM
Marc of a Man
When a fleeing alien crash lands on earth, he shows the male earthlings his special powers of persuasion
7/1/18 10:39 PM
Tkhon 6/27/18 6:20 AM
Assistant Principal Harper has finally caught the Preston Heights Prankster causing havoc at his school! But the prankster still has a few tricks up his sleeve...
6/26/18 12:13 AM
The cat's out of the bag and everyone knows just what Tom has done...but everyone seems oddly ok with it
2/28/18 12:12 AM
Wesley Bracken
The only thing certain in the city is Change. That, and that everyone in the city has a story.
2/7/18 1:08 AM
Daddies always take care of their boys, right?
1/3/18 4:09 AM
Thirty year old Hugh has to drop his brother Felix off at a friend's party but ends up staying for the festivities.
10/14/17 4:37 PM
Willie Cici
The pill that changes lives . . .
10/9/17 4:50 PM
A former hotshot executive in a Manhattan law firm recalls the tale of how he became just another office drone.
8/12/17 10:51 PM
A jock dorm acquires some voluntary sex slaves to be trained for use during "dry" periods
7/11/17 6:38 PM
Brothers Dave and Jack enjoy a Summer's beach day with a group of friends when a strange man named Captain introduces himself.
5/12/17 2:47 PM
A solicitor is called to attend a police station, and ends up as the man he is interviewing
12/29/16 5:04 PM
Willie Cici
Derek hires S4U, but the result is not what he intended . . .
9/19/16 1:56 PM
Willie Cici
Alec starts a new job, but his boss needs an attitude adjustment . . .
7/12/16 4:27 AM
Mindwipe (revised) 6/18/16 4:15 PM
Willie Cici
A New York banker inherits his grandfather's estate. He inherits more than he expects . . .
5/12/16 8:54 PM
Leather top Jay meets his match
1/4/16 1:34 PM
Todd Fleming
SuperiorMan gets that surprise of a lifetime when his powers are taken away from him.
8/30/14 5:14 PM
A hotshot resident starts a relationship with relationship with a timid, closeted orderly.
5/29/13 8:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers 12/13/12 7:00 PM