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Bela Barbell
A facility where athletes go to train, a mysterious background, the results speak for themselves. But are the athletes that return the same as those that were sent off?
3/26/20 5:42 PM
Math_Reez 💙
Sarah's new boyfriend, Mike, is the perfect boyfriend. Almost to perfect for Lance's opinion. Maybe he can figure out what's the truth about it.
2/11/20 1:09 PM
Two victims from the park were chosen by the Master. They couldn't resist.
1/24/20 9:46 PM
Tranceguy / Jaybird
After Master recruited his first servants, a new member will join to us...
10/27/19 12:48 PM
Grant Spiral
A company developes a new AI that's supposed to revolutionise society
8/30/19 12:37 PM
RotherhamMan 8/20/19 9:44 PM
The Story Of Missionary Elder With Different Area They Serve In. And Able To Be A Servant For The Lord. And Their Companions To Serve Each Other.
8/8/19 4:22 AM
The Story's Of Missionary Elder With Different Area They Serve In. And Able To Do Be A Servant To Themself And Their Compaions.
8/5/19 10:26 PM
Aaron recieves a pakage that changes his life! and more than that :)
6/18/19 6:27 AM
A man is kidnapped and converted into a drone.
3/26/19 5:23 AM
M. Greene 1/25/19 5:37 PM
M. Greene 1/25/19 11:48 AM
M. Greene 1/21/19 5:29 PM
M. Greene 1/21/19 10:19 AM
M. Greene 1/13/19 12:24 PM
M. Greene 1/12/19 3:06 PM
M. Greene 1/9/19 4:53 PM
Andrew's new robotic project managed to give him the perfect revenge against his roommate
8/31/18 8:39 PM
A traitor faces an unusual confession procedure and then something happens...
8/30/18 8:34 PM
Phallos, lord of cosmic sexual debauchery, launches an invasion against Earth
8/6/18 11:29 AM
The story concludes when Scott is faced with his final transformation by the robot men.
8/2/18 10:35 PM
rubbrsome 8/1/18 11:24 PM
Scott finds himself in a new reality, and quickly learns the seriousness of his predicament.
8/1/18 2:08 AM
Scott is introduced to the new workers of the lab.
7/31/18 4:20 AM
A delivery man stumbles upon a mysterious lab and something dangerous within.
7/30/18 10:45 PM
The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain.
7/29/18 6:11 AM
Bryan discovers the full implications of the Police Revenue Act
6/25/18 3:33 PM
In the conclusion, Sam learns the truth about his father.
4/25/18 12:30 AM
rubbrsome 4/20/18 12:17 AM
M. Greene 2/28/18 2:14 PM