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The Influencer
Charlie’s gotten used to his new routine, but a mysterious new figure arrives to break him out of it.
1/5/20 11:18 AM
Jake and Josh are twins who always celebrate their birthdays with a cherry on top. Will they get their birthday wish?
6/11/19 4:34 AM
With high level tech stolen and a crumbling Gotham around him, a sexless Batman has no idea how the Joker knows so much about him! Thinking is hard when real men are around.
11/30/18 10:09 PM
Voodoo Dreams
It started with the little things, what I’d steal: first his clothes, then his toothbrush, then his will - but before all that, just glances. The way his leather biker chaps creak over his cheeks as he bends into the fridge is still my favorite.
8/22/18 8:00 PM
Stroppy Author 8/8/18 2:33 PM
A loser is desperate to change his life and takes his desires out on cool jock Jake with some colourful new memories.
4/27/18 4:09 PM
Being in a marriage is hard. Having a genie grant you wishes should definitely make it easier though, shouldn't it?
12/26/17 5:10 PM
Cris Kane 9/5/16 9:47 PM
Zack tracks down Kael for a final confrontation. It doesn't go exactly as planned...
7/30/16 4:03 PM
Tom is the world's best quarterback. When he fails to help out his wife's ex, another football player, there will be hell to pay.
3/6/16 4:40 PM
In a departure from last week's change, Greg turns John into a twink. The experience has unforeseen consequences, though, both for Greg and for the orb.
12/7/14 6:56 AM
An apprentice takes control of his master with the help of his wand.
10/14/12 8:00 PM
Ollie369 6/10/12 8:00 PM
GayExCop 12/19/10 7:00 PM
the impaler001 12/30/06 7:00 PM