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A bullied gay man escapes into a VR realm with the man of his dreams. However, even in VR his life is crap and he vies for his crush's life. Good thing he's a genius with coding and can make that happen.
1/27/20 10:47 PM
Math_Reez 💙
Nick got his dream come true, but Gideon is not happy with this...
11/25/19 10:25 AM
Math_Reez 💙
Will's decides what to do with all the power in his hands. Will be the right choice?
10/10/19 11:20 AM
Wesley Bracken
A murdered chef worms his way back into the land of the living in order to take revenge on the men who killed him.
9/20/19 6:50 AM
I've spent my life wanting to serve. Now I have no choice
8/16/19 4:51 AM
Landon gets Scott to go out for some fun but first some revenge.
7/6/19 7:55 AM
Jake and Josh are twins who always celebrate their birthdays with a cherry on top. Will they get their birthday wish?
6/11/19 4:34 AM
A bad morning gets unexpectedly worse for a vengeful reality warper
3/11/19 12:12 PM
Math_Reez 💙
When Mat arrives to the archaeologist's office he never expect to find his new destiny in himself and his past. Now his bully will know that power.
2/13/19 1:24 PM
Elan Musk
Eegar is transformed by the mad doctor Franzenstein into an awesome and dominant beast man. This has unforeseen consequences for both of them.
1/10/19 10:22 PM
Nicky Noxville
He may not realize it, but Callum crossed Alistair, and the sorcerer has a delightfully demonic revenge in mind.
1/5/19 6:44 PM
A scally lad wakes up in a job centre but something is wrong, this wasn't his life.
1/1/19 7:59 PM
A young warlock exacts revenge on his former friend who stole his fiancee.
12/31/18 1:13 AM
Henry snitches on some wrestler jocks who have a unique way of dealing with nerds: Turn them into members of the team!
12/26/18 7:05 AM
Billy figures his neighbor Rob is as 'white trash' as they come. One special handshake gives Billy an even better perspective.
12/19/18 10:58 PM
With high level tech stolen and a crumbling Gotham around him, a sexless Batman has no idea how the Joker knows so much about him! Thinking is hard when real men are around.
11/30/18 10:09 PM
Stroppy Author 11/26/18 8:19 PM
Van brings his plan for Jake to its conclusion
11/9/18 10:57 AM
The vengeful Ed is back to further humiliate and degrade when his old bully-turned-servant calls the police for help.
7/31/18 7:15 AM
Van has a hook up that doesn't end as planned
7/14/18 5:41 AM
Mark is sick of his slovenly, lazy roommate. Fortunately, with the new computer program he has developed, soon everything will change...
7/11/18 12:00 AM
Superman goes to the Gym and comes out a different man
6/17/18 11:02 PM
Van uses his watch to deal with a homophobic frat boy
5/29/18 5:02 AM
Dick's story reaches a final conclusion as all the pieces of the puzzle fall into their rightful places.
4/30/18 4:49 AM
Sir Skinny 3/24/18 6:48 AM
Willie Cici
Mullen's new client purchases a new toy, and helps restock supplies . . .
2/23/18 8:10 PM
Being in a marriage is hard. Having a genie grant you wishes should definitely make it easier though, shouldn't it?
12/26/17 5:10 PM
A man gives his rival at school a new outlook on life.
10/9/17 3:08 PM
The power to have your deepest thoughts manifest into reality, is it a gift or a curse?
10/9/17 2:56 AM
A frat bro is forced to see the world from his victim's point of view, but even that is S'more than he deserves!
9/17/17 3:54 AM