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Danny becomes desperate to satisfy his needs, and resorts to drastic measures.
1/16/19 9:02 AM
Jackson finds a remote on his bed with very intriguing functionalities.
12/4/18 3:32 PM
The City is the technologically advanced capital of the future. It is here that a man in need of cash begins work as a maintenence worker. In The City, all blue collar employees are mind controlled for both the residents safety and pleasure.
5/5/18 6:20 AM
Sir Skinny 3/23/18 9:56 AM
A man finds himself sending pictures of himself doing all sorts of stuff with guys
5/14/17 7:53 AM
New guy moves into the building and wonders just what this place he moved into is like.
6/10/14 5:16 PM
Wesley Bracken
Jared checks into a seedy airport motel, but the owner has no intention of letting him check out.
4/8/13 8:00 PM
ghostwriterde 1/30/13 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
Some top students vie for the prestigious slots in the college's masters program
7/18/10 8:00 PM