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All about the eyes
After some thwarted attempts, Steve decides that he can get to Brendan another way - through his family.
8/23/19 5:55 AM
A kidnapped gay man describes his experience with his captor, and the physical and mental transformations he undergoes to become more than human.
8/19/19 2:12 PM
Two wonderful missionary elder’s going out of the way to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, but found there love between them self then God himself. But one of the missionary elder have a trick to hypnotize his companion.
8/12/19 8:04 PM
A simple first date for Connor becomes something more
8/12/19 11:53 AM
A new medical grade nanotechnology is created, but it’s creator has a sinister fetish desire he wishes to use the tech for.
8/9/19 9:39 PM
Willie Cici
Leo tries a new toy on his sister's boyfriend . . .
8/8/19 4:58 PM
A man takes advantage of the side-effects of the pills of a student to whom he rents his extra room
8/7/19 9:48 PM
Willie Cici
A young man's life changes, all because he agreed to an experiment . . .
8/6/19 4:13 PM
Beardfull1 8/5/19 10:26 PM
The Story's Of Missionary Elder With Different Area They Serve In. And Able To Do Be A Servant To Themself And Their Compaions.
8/5/19 10:26 PM
Willie Cici
Brad, Ben's brother, needs some help. Ben can't refuse his brother or can he?
8/4/19 10:01 PM
Willie Cici
Jay gets transferred to another station house . . .
7/28/19 8:29 PM
Willie Cici
A good deed sometimes turns a profit . . .
7/28/19 8:21 PM
In effort to cover up a corporation missing funds, the company's uses a doppelganger to replace the chairperson.
7/25/19 12:29 AM
Collins aquires a new position as the Town Mayor.
7/23/19 10:40 PM
Willie Cici
Reno needed a new cell phone. He had to have the latest . . .
7/23/19 5:48 AM
Slave Abdamelek
After two of his Soldiers are turned to serve the Snake-God, the Pharaoh and one of his servants brew a potion to reverse the transformation. But a unique ingredient is needed.
7/22/19 5:44 AM
Willie Cici
Mario's agent wants to send him on a special assignment . . .
7/21/19 11:01 PM
The wrestling team comes under the power of Master Mike into their new lives as hole eaters
7/19/19 8:12 PM
Brady is sick of being a skinny twig and wants to gain some muscle. MSCL seems like the solution he's been looking for
7/18/19 4:44 AM
The doctor takes his creation to a fetish bar to secure another slave.
7/17/19 8:16 AM
Changing the world, one pair of underwear at a time.
7/14/19 9:27 AM
Alterfict 7/3/19 11:35 AM
A family reunion to remember takes place at a special hotel
7/2/19 3:59 PM
Kyle and Jason have been best friends their entire lives. However, after a painful realization is made, both will find some changes that'll hopefully make things better in the end.
6/30/19 6:36 AM
John and the barber discuss plans for Steve and Dave
6/26/19 8:01 PM
DMears 6/26/19 5:57 AM
President Fairfax needs to find a way to end the frat's reign of terror. Probably should've kept away from the final pledge event then, cause now he just might become the events big star.
6/24/19 5:10 AM
Meet Bro: the biggest and dumbest guy at Total Rebuild
6/24/19 5:09 AM
Professors Gaines and Mallard have been struggling with this obnoxious fraternity on campus. They hope to put an end to it but it looks like they might just come around instead.
6/22/19 11:15 PM