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Finn is called before the Abbot, who has received inspiration for the young, fair-skinned novice
6/23/20 6:59 PM
1592 words
I pray away my feelings for Christian.
6/3/20 7:51 AM
A perfect utopia of the men of the Mosque. Their Master's will flows through them. Until a new man arrives.
5/31/20 8:11 PM
11963 words
Reverend Hacker is hunting a witch in the wilderness of colonial New England; he finds far more than he expects..
5/26/20 5:52 AM
Religious Joseph intends to save himself for marriage. God Almighty has other Plans
4/21/20 6:22 AM
4/11/20 8:53 PM
President Nelly pushes Elder Harker as far as he'll go. Elder Havea unlocks some of his secret desires. Elder Smith gets a new groove.
4/10/20 4:07 PM
A new Mission President comes to the Sierra Leone Freetown mission. The young President already coming up with a new change to the mission, and a way to control the missionaries.
4/9/20 9:37 PM
2579 words
Jim Holliday is taken to the dungeon, and used by the Fredericks family, some of it in ways he didn't expect.
4/21/19 11:56 AM
3/26/19 5:30 AM