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Derek enlists the surfer next door in a search for Charles, who is befriended by a group of college dudes.
10/12/18 6:25 AM
2915 words
Dylan just can't seem to say "No" to his to his boss
7/8/18 11:54 PM
A black vial and an offer of a lifetime: Never have another worry as long as you live.
5/1/18 7:36 PM
After "winning" a charity auction at a local pub Gillian's rival learns not to mess with a Scotsman's pride.
12/20/16 8:59 PM
8/12/16 6:02 AM
9467 words
College students Tommy and Sean discover how hot it is to become each other's fantasies, and in the process each other.
1/30/15 10:47 PM
The Man of Steel's night of torture climaxes in a battle of wills...
3/26/12 8:00 PM
Vince Zeal ensnares the Man of Steel further and brings him lower than ever before...
12/30/11 7:00 PM
The Man of Steel tries to close down a notorious sex club and gets more than he bargained for...
12/28/11 7:00 PM
4/13/11 8:00 PM