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5/23/20 2:33 PM
Still in possession of the body of the Pharaoh’s young Prince Radames, the Snake God tries to break the last of his host’s free will and complete his takeover.
4/7/20 6:07 AM
11/15/18 8:45 AM
11/1/18 7:20 PM
11/23/17 9:42 PM
Canadian Army Captian Simon Martin was inducted against his will into the Guard, Europe’s rubber clad security force. His own embassy betrayed him. Now a Canadian Magazine is supplied with details of his service. This transcripts should be kept away from small children.
10/4/17 5:23 PM
Sam signs up for training to become a Guardsman.
Category missing
8/5/16 9:25 AM
The prisoner learns the nature of the Conscript program, and that he will so be one of them.
1/26/16 9:19 PM