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The group reunites. Now the only thing left to do is escape.
11/13/18 6:59 PM
[FURRIES] With Greg's ritual cast, Garrett's meeting with Mr. Bongo is about to take a rather bizarre turn.
11/12/18 12:13 PM
Behaven 11/8/18 6:44 PM
sneakerdom 11/7/18 11:43 PM
Think America has enough troops to protect against the migrant caravan penetrating its borders? Think again.
11/6/18 10:51 AM
JockBoy 11/4/18 9:17 AM
A special fairy escapes from the fairy realm to wreak his curious brand of magic upon a campus of men.
10/22/18 10:50 AM
After a long day at work envying a better-looking guy than himself, Ethan plans on logging on his computer to relieve some pressure... until some odd user called Bear_mkr have a little chat with him.
10/21/18 5:45 PM
The symbiote has reunited with Eddie Brock but making Eddie a lot more horny. The urge to bond with Peter, the urge to bond with men, to rule all men entire earth.
10/1/18 2:44 PM
[FURRIES!] Greg uses some weird magic tricks to get down and dirty both with himself, and to toy with his coworker on an important deal.
9/27/18 5:01 AM
gymmuscle 9/23/18 12:19 AM
Willie Cici
Stranded and shipwrecked, six men land on a deserted island . . .
9/17/18 6:29 PM
David and Brendan finish their workout, Zach makes his case
9/11/18 5:42 AM
Willie Cici
Andy, out of gas and no cell phone, finds himself in uncharted territory. But there's a farmhouse nearby . . .
9/7/18 6:19 PM
Steve hopes to rein in Ryan's military brother Jack, but things don't go as planned. Jack is a lot tougher than he thought.
9/6/18 9:56 AM
Willie Cici
Tommy can't stand to see his friends unhappy. He has a selfish solution . . .
8/25/18 8:18 PM
The best beer is the kind that never runs out
7/31/18 3:08 AM
Willie Cici
Jason found himself in a different world but one that he knew he belonged . . .
7/25/18 5:51 PM
Something's lurking in the mist
7/24/18 6:37 AM
Willie Cici
Young Ethan returns to his ancestral home and learns about a secret garden upon the grounds of the estate . . .
7/20/18 2:10 PM
Callum helps his athletic friend Davis get better at school with the help of hypnotherapy. But that's not the only change he has in mind for his sexy dorm mate.
7/19/18 6:59 AM
Willie Cici
A day to spend near the water's edge proves life changing . . .
7/12/18 5:11 PM
Willie Cici
Daniel takes advantage of the warm weather and decides to go for an early evening job in nearby Central Park . . .
7/8/18 9:28 PM
Willie Cici
Trent spends the weekend at his friend Cary's home in Santa Barbara. He did not understand why all the guys were wearing those damn speedos . . . .
7/3/18 4:14 AM
Ashamed of his body in comparison to his peers, Wallace the college student seeks confidence on Chaturbate from chub lovers... until some odd watcher called Bear_mkr have a little chat with him.
7/2/18 5:15 PM
Granite Concept
Darren hired his co-worker Felix to help him renovate his cabin, and soon the two are in the middle of nowhere. But with every day that passes, Felix becomes less sure that the cabin is what's changing...
6/30/18 12:23 AM
After a demolishing break up with his ex, Cory the twink shows off his body on Chaturbate to build up his pride again... until some odd watcher called Bear_mkr have a little chat with him.
6/28/18 5:41 PM
An officer takes advantage of a prisoner, or at least he thinks he does.
6/27/18 6:20 AM
Swizzington 6/21/18 12:16 AM
Ryan has gotten a strange email that seems to be spam at first glance.
6/13/18 9:14 AM