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Philip is a hardworking farmer on the land owned by the overbearing Rody. Only he doesn’t know what Rody has up his sleeves.
5/6/20 7:35 PM
Josh goes with his step father to check the water supply. Our protagonist begins the last phase of his plan.
5/6/20 7:32 PM
Josh has a taste of the farm life in his first day of work. Meanwhile, the protagonist continues with his step brothers' domination.
4/15/20 5:48 AM
Captain Mike Conner is abducted by a former nemesis
4/8/20 1:51 PM
Josh has to move to the family farm after an incident at college. His step brothers aren't fond of him, but he'll make sure to change that.
4/7/20 11:06 AM
3/20/20 8:08 PM
Having earned his journeyman status, a sorcerer fights his boredom by traveling about . . .
2/9/20 9:17 AM
What happens when a cursed ring that’s intended for gay men to get revenge falls into the wrong hands? Let’s find out when…accidents happen, and the ring gets revenge.
1/18/20 12:40 AM
A series of stories about a rogue hypnotist in the wild west, based on a story by Hyptrance.
10/5/19 8:24 AM
Big Budd rides the mechanical bull... then Mac... then (finally) Dane.
6/22/19 5:07 AM