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A superhero goes on his nightly patrol, but is drawn in by an unknown villain, Overmind
10/29/19 9:23 PM
A Voyeur Fan 9/19/19 5:32 PM
Mike has a big choice to make while Lenny comes clean about something
8/29/19 5:40 AM
absman420 6/8/19 10:41 AM
The Naked Ginger
Ben forces Meg to go to hypno show and they get pulled on stage, will Ben know his girlfriend well enough to stay clothed?
5/19/19 8:34 PM
When a migraine threatens to disrupt a young accountant's productivity, he goes to his boss for help.
5/19/19 11:41 AM
James just wants his dad to pay more attention to him
5/10/19 10:07 PM
The changing rooms have new mirrors. One look and you'll lose control...
3/28/19 8:50 PM
Tkhon 3/13/19 7:23 AM
A man finds his standards changing
1/22/19 7:20 PM
Razz TFs 1/4/19 8:00 AM
A young warlock exacts revenge on his former friend who stole his fiancee.
12/31/18 1:13 AM
SneakyT 12/16/18 11:31 AM
The Naked Ginger
Brandon gets a new dare involving a pizza delivery that goes worse than expected
12/11/18 6:47 AM
The Naked Ginger
Brandon accidentally hypnotizes himself to accept ANY dare
12/10/18 6:50 AM
ghostwriterde 10/14/18 8:55 PM
Mark goes to a sex store to buy his boyfriend a present. But when someone with incredible powers walks in too, Mark realizes that HE'S the one getting a gift.
9/23/18 12:23 AM
The man struck out in his search for a speedo, but if at first you don't succeed...
9/10/18 12:49 PM
Jake Fox
Rob has some time of clarity, and Clive Westons future fate is revealed.
7/15/18 1:39 PM
Nelson takes the new and improved Lucas to the gym
6/10/18 3:29 AM
Sir Skinny 3/23/18 9:56 AM
When a Dom wants to show his sub off at a party
8/9/17 9:36 PM
Willie Cici
A minister learns the lesson of humility . . . the hard way.
8/6/17 9:05 PM
With these strange storms every night, it's been a crazy week on campus. Good thing Bret's still normal...
5/22/17 9:53 AM
Even more from Sean's POV than usual, we see how he takes even the most unusual things in stride now, like they were routine, everyday things.
8/19/16 3:14 AM
Jake Fox
Rob gets humiliated even more and sinks deeper into servitude
11/13/15 5:44 PM
Jake Fox
A reworking of my story about a rich white man who after sessons with a hot black therapist starts to submit to black men, and has no idea why.
11/10/15 4:16 PM
Jake Fox
After a sesson with his hot black therapist, a good looking white man submits to a group of black men and he has no idea why.
11/9/15 5:33 PM
MSTGay3000 1/28/15 3:59 AM
Growing Interest
Our narrator expands Chase’s hell beyond his home, Chase’s new wardrobe beyond the one jockstrap, and Chase’s virgin asshole beyond its normal size.
12/12/14 3:40 PM