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Mitch has mind control powers and after taking care of his fellow jocks, he sets his eyes on taking care of the faculty’s woes with empathy, camaraderie, and lots of gay sex.
4/23/20 4:20 PM
After the captured member of the Pharaoh-worshipping cult escapes, FBI agent Stephano and his protege search for a way to contend with the imminent resurrection of the Pharaoh and his Army.
3/15/20 9:41 PM
Chad learns about his past and discovers a new interest in Sam....
11/12/19 6:59 AM
Top, bottom. These are just labels, right? For one repressed teenager, they open a world of sexual decadence and transformations of not only the mind but the body as well.
4/2/19 9:19 PM
6/2/18 6:35 AM
Josh reunites with his old high school teacher, and crush!
5/6/18 11:27 AM
4/20/18 4:57 PM
The relationships we form aren't always what we expected . . .
3/9/18 9:09 PM
The historic Guthrie Building is being converted into a soulless, hollowed-out version of itself. A group of local protesters is about to learn exactly how that feels.
6/28/17 2:08 AM
Six very different students are chosen by their professor to take part in an experiment.
6/13/17 11:57 PM