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6481 words
Rick's roommate keeps using his stuff without asking. One day, he mistakes a magic salve that was meant for Rick's dick, as mouthwash, and then everyone starts looking at him differently after he uses it.
8/8/20 8:18 PM
8/7/20 9:31 AM
Jan is a normal gay boy that lives in a little City in the Netherlands, called Zwolle. What will happen after he is beeing abducted?
8/5/20 2:51 PM
7303 words
When the Dragon Lord decides to forcibly add a Thief to his hoard, there are only so many options left. Our thief chooses Resistance, will he succeed? (No. No he won't, but bless him, let's watch him try.)
8/2/20 8:52 PM
6549 words
The aftermath of the victims of Ryland and his Wicked coven.
8/2/20 3:17 PM
1692 words
7/30/20 8:38 PM
7/30/20 8:51 AM
2162 words
A lonely man had only one wish . . . to be beautiful. He did not know the cost . . .
7/29/20 6:00 PM
Paul is finally motivated to make some healthy lifestyle changes and when looking for gym gear, he finds a jockstrap advertised to help you "become the best version of yourself"
7/29/20 10:21 AM
5579 words
A camera repairman is excited about his next job: fixing a classic polaroid camera! He has to give it a few new parts, which has some unexpected, transformative, effects after he takes a few 'test' shots.
7/28/20 12:03 AM