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The mysterious stranger has been busy bringing his own brand of fun to Vanilla. Peek in on some of the men who have been transformed and see how their lives have changed.
8/12/20 8:39 PM
3074 words
An actor goes to get some new headshots that turn up quite differently than expected
8/11/20 4:01 AM
7489 words
Two popular streamers are given cat headsets as punishment for losing a game. The results have been documented for future analysis.
8/10/20 8:01 AM
A handsome superhero responds to a routine call to headquarters. Little does he know, an evil genius has designs on his mind and body.
8/9/20 8:38 AM
7303 words
When the Dragon Lord decides to forcibly add a Thief to his hoard, there are only so many options left. Our thief chooses Resistance, will he succeed? (No. No he won't, but bless him, let's watch him try.)
8/2/20 8:52 PM
4730 words
8/1/20 8:18 PM
8/1/20 10:48 AM
Marcus figures out a few things, then takes the final step in his changes and makes a bargain for a bit of normality.
8/1/20 10:40 AM
8/1/20 10:37 AM
7/30/20 8:40 PM