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The Dirty Spiders
Gay friends hatch a plan to use magic tags on two old-bears and wear them for a night out.
7/12/19 5:33 PM
M. Greene 5/26/19 7:42 AM
M. Greene 5/23/19 5:53 PM
M. Greene
The ancient past holds many strange mysteries
5/21/19 8:44 PM
Juan Miguel Santos de Costa finds a mirror that he thinks is pretty neat. However, he soon realises that this mirror shows him things about himself he had never known before...
5/4/19 7:50 AM
You see a handsome new neighbor, and get a lot of new ideas.
3/10/19 8:24 AM
Stroppy Author
A porn star dies and makes a comeback
1/1/19 9:00 PM
Stroppy Author
A porn star dies and makes a comeback
12/31/18 9:24 PM
Stroppy Author 12/31/18 1:09 AM
Stroppy Author 12/28/18 5:48 AM
Stroppy Author 12/15/18 4:59 PM
Tom Gungy
Two brothers have had a rocky relationship since the elder of the two had graduated. Little does the younger brother know that there may be an outside influence responsible.
5/16/18 12:08 PM
Cris Kane
The school quarterback asks a photography geek if he'll take his picture for the yearbook.
2/21/18 12:46 AM
Kyle brings something home from school for his father and older brother. A sequel to Jockey Inevitability.
12/24/17 11:06 AM
A boy breaks in to an abandoned house, and discovers a new life...
9/20/17 4:43 PM
A Jehovah's witness is having a mid-life crisis and decides to start therapy
9/9/17 10:34 AM
Willie Cici
A wizard-in-training is a dangerous thing . . .
8/3/17 10:00 PM
Rurik 6/28/17 8:16 PM
M. Greene 5/18/17 6:58 PM
M. Greene 5/17/17 5:36 PM
M. Greene 5/16/17 9:50 PM
M. Greene 5/15/17 6:42 PM
M. Greene 5/14/17 7:55 AM
M. Greene 5/13/17 7:25 AM
Alex's friend lends him his Oculus Rift VR headset...
8/1/16 3:24 PM
Cadmus Dolor and A Rabid Zombie
A demon in training learns the ways of an Incubus and how to punish those who are on their way to hell.
11/12/15 12:38 AM
Tonight is the anniversary of The Hypnotist's death
10/29/15 3:45 PM
Matt and Steve continue to do Ky'Ro's bidding while the parasite begins the regeneration process.
5/10/15 6:49 PM
Ky'Ro looks to find other hosts to increase his power
5/2/15 7:09 PM
Parasite creature looking to find the right host.
4/18/15 10:55 PM