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After buying a drug from a website focussing primarily on masturbation, Quent loses himself to an increasingly psychotic addiction... with side effects.
4/13/19 7:29 AM
Nicky Noxville
Jonas pushes his stepbrother closer and closer to being nothing but a desperate slut for black cock.
3/21/19 8:13 PM
Nicky Noxville
Ewan has addicted himself to black cock with popper training videos and his older stepbrother catches him, setting in motion Ewan's descent into true depravity.
3/2/19 10:44 PM
Marcus discovers how easy it is to change.
1/11/18 3:44 AM
Penmanship matters, when your life is at stake.
1/9/18 2:55 AM
Happy Endings
Kevin realizes what's happening and tries his best to avoid making another mistake.
12/20/17 7:51 PM
Happy Endings
Kevin's adventure begins
12/16/17 10:35 PM
Was Mike's previous experience a random event soon forgotten or will he learn that the power of progress knows no boundaries?
7/23/17 4:31 PM