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4857 words
10/7/19 6:16 AM
4457 words
8/15/19 6:34 AM
4078 words
Mayor Branden's life continues to change after a presidential focus group. Will he notice what's going on? Will he care?
8/9/19 1:53 PM
3840 words
A small-town mayor running for president makes some changes to his image.
8/8/19 7:05 PM
3739 words
5/8/19 12:57 PM
1484 words
Matt is a bored, gay, office worker unsatisfied with life, however he gets a message that changes his life
12/17/18 8:00 PM
Mike is a gay conservative marine who wishes his boyfriend was the same
12/16/18 11:03 PM
1727 words
Think America has enough troops to protect against the migrant caravan penetrating its borders? Think again.
11/6/18 10:51 AM
2879 words
A Supreme Court nominee has a life-changing experience.
9/29/18 8:26 AM
2731 words
Who will win this special election? The Democrats are ahead in the polls, but the Republicans can be pretty persuasiveā€¦
7/10/17 11:41 AM