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5/18/20 9:32 PM
Jose goes to a meditation retreat and discovers his true meaning in life
4/30/20 6:14 AM
A heartbroken man vows to give up the magic powers he's been cursed with.
3/29/20 7:31 PM
An innocent rubber enthusiast finds himself held captive by the newly created soldier drones.
5/19/18 12:04 AM
A dedicated writer has a chance to no longer dream of his fantasy but the opportunity to live it.
5/18/18 5:26 PM
Lee's confused. Why did his boyfriend hire two naked farmboys to help with his party? And why is their garage filled with giant melons?
4/29/18 4:41 PM
Superman takes on an alien threatening to invade earth.
2/5/18 6:17 AM
Farmer Jesse comes across some strange melons, in the field where that meteorite landed...
7/3/17 3:23 AM
A woman named Kit has been captured by her evil nemsis, a crackpot scientist that dabbles in the strange, exotic, and odd.
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12/7/14 1:17 PM
Mike keeps struggling to contain his increasingly frequent gay desires
7/12/11 8:00 PM