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Benny wants to be a bull, but gets more than he bargained for in the process. (Story inspired by a kindred spirit.)
4/1/20 5:12 AM
Josh gets what he wants - and Matthew something he did not know he want
2/21/20 6:59 PM
Marcus realizes, what he really asked for, Matthew discovers the disadvantages and advantages of being a fat, old, bald man and two guys planning some revenge
2/18/20 9:04 PM
A normal day starts for Marcus and Matthew starts to realize what he really had wished for
2/17/20 9:34 PM
The Dirty Spiders
Our guy pushes his cigars TF magic to the limit, and uses his poor lecturer for one last hurrah.
10/31/19 9:33 PM
The Dirty Spiders
A man with a smoking fetish has a moment of weakness.
8/8/19 7:13 PM
A hitchhiker in need gets the ride of a lifetime.
2/11/19 7:15 AM
An afternoon of yard work results in something unexpected.
12/8/18 5:38 PM
A horny college student stumbles upon a mysterious website, every man whose picture gets uploaded there turns into an irresistible bearish hunk. Only thing he doesn't know is that the best fap session of his life might have unforeseen consequences.
3/30/18 6:52 PM
A mailman lands himself in hot water. Face a dangerous lone-shark or face Ivan the mystical Master Barber.
3/15/18 6:24 AM
A newlywed couple in their late-thirties and early-forties explore the best of what the Highlands have to offer with the help of their rugged tour guide, Mark.
1/5/18 4:28 AM
Just a standard evening between a group of friends, playing some video games, bantering around, checking out a website that turns their pictures into those of bearded, hirsute men in fetish gear... wait what?
12/9/17 1:14 AM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
Errol's boyfriend will do whatever it takes to save their relationship, no matter the cost... to Errol.
12/29/16 4:36 PM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
Pretty boy Dean learns it doesn't always pay to buy off-brand hair care products.
12/4/16 7:39 PM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
A mind controller tells his latest victim exactly what he's going to do to him.
12/2/16 7:52 PM
Viking Zombie Boyfriend
A hard-partying bro-dude winds up as the center of attention at a very strange get-together.
12/1/16 11:59 PM
A young man mistakes an advertisement he gets in the post, which leads to some major changes. Keywords are: transformation, straight to gay, aging, age progression, gaining, bald/balding
6/5/15 9:35 AM
A new careers advisor at Coopers college gathers customers for Ivan's Barbershop of horrors.
6/4/15 1:53 AM
Kevin decides to interfere with Greg and John's lives to gain control over John. The two are helpless as they find themselves changing.
5/17/15 5:32 PM
Cooper is no longer the focus of the mysterious Barber. It now looks like his flatmate will be totally transformed.
11/10/14 1:55 AM
Titan 6/11/14 1:55 AM
Cade teaches Kyle to break down walls using pain
11/23/12 7:00 PM
Justin's future is assurred. He wanted to become a bear and now he was on his way.
2/2/12 7:00 PM
A man is changed into an big irish bear of a man.
12/26/11 7:00 PM
A man becomes more like Santa after smoking a bewitched pipe. However he is still lonely.
12/22/11 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
Two office workers find themselves growing in entirely different directions.
7/12/11 8:00 PM
Erik the Ready 6/22/11 8:00 PM
Now our main character wakes up to his new body and his new life.
2/3/09 10:00 PM
Calamity King 1/3/09 7:00 PM
Titan 4/15/08 8:00 PM