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5/31/20 8:52 AM
Hugh finally has Josh all to himself--but now, he finds his perfect man to be perfectly boring. He can help him too, though. Hugh is happy to help everyone.
5/31/20 6:03 AM
5/23/20 7:31 AM
Slave finally somes to terms with his true self
5/19/20 5:56 AM
Finally reaching the shrine to seek help, Oyama faces yet another obstacle before he can recieve help
5/15/20 9:35 PM
Summarizing the story for new readers so I can re-start the series.
5/9/20 3:03 PM
3151 words
Finally you've gotten a lead to your friend gone missing
5/7/20 8:06 PM
Thomas has a boring life controlled by his parents. He seeks help and gets more than he wanted - or just exactly what he needed?
4/2/20 5:32 AM
Oyama leaves Shirakawa to seek help, but the spirit shows that escape isn't an option.
3/29/20 8:23 PM
Oyama tentatively returns, and the kitsune comes back to play.
3/17/20 8:25 AM