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Cris Kane
A chance encounter with a punk rocker results in unexpected changes for a fussy, vain yuppie.
1/5/19 4:54 AM
PaisaGringo 12/29/18 11:17 AM
Manny's changes are coming faster than anyone expected.
12/29/18 11:16 AM
PaisaGringo 12/29/18 9:04 AM
On the second floor, friends Mike and Tyler must split up down separate tunnels. As they progress, one merely grows into his body while the other regresses physically and mentally.
12/26/18 7:01 AM
Stroppy Author
New managers bring in two new attractions
12/24/18 9:50 PM
PaisaGringo 12/3/18 1:51 AM
PaisaGringo 12/2/18 11:03 PM
PaisaGringo 12/2/18 12:17 PM
M. Greene 11/28/18 4:06 PM
M. Greene 11/24/18 9:19 AM
One evening a pair of flamboyant young men dare each other to visit a shady looking tattoo and piercing studio, not knowing that this night will change their lives forever.
7/24/18 8:33 PM
boring dude gets life turned upside down and turns into tattood, pierced, and muscled up stud while being slave to his transformer
7/16/18 9:03 PM
James Williams
I always thought my cross dressing as a gay guy, was my own secret, appears not quite so!!
6/20/18 6:56 PM
M. Greene 2/1/18 4:47 PM
Three men are mysteriously taken after a night of fun.
11/15/17 11:17 PM
Nicky Noxville
Derek pays Doma another visit, even though the problem isn't bothering him anymore. Will this be Derek's final adjustment?
6/29/17 4:42 PM
Kieran D.
Dad of 3 shaved his hair, pierced his nipple, changed his wardrobe and moved in with a man
6/14/17 11:32 PM
Potentialsinner 6/5/17 4:31 PM
M. Greene 5/11/17 5:17 PM
M. Greene
A successful young man find his life changing and spiralling out of control
5/10/17 6:54 PM
Cris Kane
After attempting to apologize to his girlfriend, Scott is shanghaied to a drama department party, where he doesn't recognize anyone but starts to make friends.
1/27/17 4:29 AM
A man at the end of his rope seeks purpose, when it walks into his life in a small diner in Texas
11/18/16 12:39 PM
The satyr prepares Matt for his transformation.
10/29/16 9:28 PM
Derek visits Doma again to try and solve his problem, and comes one step closer to the end.
10/2/16 4:15 AM
Kael glories in his domination over Zack and the rest of the guys...
7/30/16 3:58 PM
Kael exacts his revenge for Zack's infidelity and betrayal. Major transformations ensue.
7/30/16 3:49 PM
The conclusion of Greg and John's tale, as Kevin tries to pull them apart forever. Will love or lust win? Or maybe both?
4/15/16 5:30 AM
Will Topping
Final chapter in Mike's slow destruction from hot, hung, jock to horny boi slut.
2/27/16 12:43 AM
Jason finds out what his captor has planned for him
11/22/15 11:28 AM