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2273 words
On his way back to school, a college football star makes the mistake of pissing off a "fan".
7/7/20 9:42 AM
1529 words
A guy home from college spends unexpected time with his uncle, which leads to a transformative experience.
7/5/20 8:09 AM
Carson isn't too sure about Monster Truck shows. But he's going to like them way more, soon enough.
6/27/20 6:24 PM
Edward's unhappy with the new gym... and he doesn't think a Gift Box will make him feel better.
6/26/20 1:29 PM
Author Hidden
a naga decides to study humans, and grow attached to one.
6/24/20 5:28 AM
3598 words
While working out, Andre gradually becomes aware that he is not alone. Someone is there, watching him sweat. Someone whose cock commands Andre's focus like nothing ever has before. Changing him into the boy he was meant to be.
6/15/20 5:27 AM
5436 words
Michael try to repair the big stuff.
6/14/20 5:41 PM
Leo tries to start with his part of the deal, as Pine finishes a half-done business.
6/13/20 2:39 PM
Things reach a head when Robbie returns with Michael to reach some sort of an agreement with Hasan
6/3/20 6:42 AM
Hasan learns a lot more about his encounter with Robbie from a mysterious stranger
6/1/20 6:43 AM