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8/5/20 11:08 PM
1692 words
7/30/20 8:38 PM
2978 words
7/30/20 6:51 PM
7/30/20 8:51 AM
A rookie cop is given a gift from an older officer that lets him become the stud he never knew he could be.
7/29/20 10:17 AM
A guy looking to make a quick buck modeling finds out the interviewer has some qualities he's looking for in the models, and isn't above changing the models to match the part.
7/28/20 9:05 PM
1167 words
7/28/20 9:02 PM
2428 words
7/28/20 8:47 AM
5579 words
A camera repairman is excited about his next job: fixing a classic polaroid camera! He has to give it a few new parts, which has some unexpected, transformative, effects after he takes a few 'test' shots.
7/28/20 12:03 AM
3452 words
A newly-divorced man decides to purchase an interactive, home exercise program. He wanted to change his life. He never imagined the changes . . .
7/27/20 5:22 PM