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Benny wants to be a bull, but gets more than he bargained for in the process. (Story inspired by a kindred spirit.)
4/1/20 5:12 AM
Oyama leaves Shirakawa to seek help, but the spirit shows that escape isn't an option.
3/29/20 8:23 PM
Lusty Stallion 3/29/20 1:42 PM
Brad is recruited. His longing for hypnosis, rubber, spandex, and muscle is just a coincidence. Right?
3/29/20 10:48 AM
RotherhamMan 3/28/20 5:48 PM
Will Butch feel threatened with Officer Stone?
3/27/20 6:10 AM
Bela Barbell
A facility where athletes go to train, a mysterious background, the results speak for themselves. But are the athletes that return the same as those that were sent off?
3/26/20 5:42 PM
A man at the gym finds a way to improve a bodybuilder's best ASSet.
3/26/20 4:22 PM
Rick successfully changed one roommate into the daddy of his dreams, but what happens when you double dose a man?
3/26/20 7:37 AM
The Dirty Spiders
A tall, fat, nervous man travels to a Bear Festival in Germany... with a Magic Tag.
3/25/20 1:28 PM
transformheaven 3/24/20 10:45 PM
Tom Gungy
Drake has lived in rural town of Dewdrop all his life but finds himself falling in love with a stranger that has no knowledge of the small town's oddities.
3/24/20 5:34 PM
Welcome to the cowboi cafe. Tonight, y'all get to have a short tour of everything that happens behind the secret door very few get to peek behind
3/23/20 9:02 AM
Josh Slater
An ad agency copywriter is troubled by increasingly personal break-ins.
3/23/20 2:00 AM
Oyama tentatively returns, and the kitsune comes back to play.
3/17/20 8:25 AM
Mark and Todd become gym bros. Even though Mark's gay and Todd's not, they get along great and Mark helps Todd with his fitness goals. With help from a magic sauna that affects those who cum there, there's even more Mark can show Todd. But Todd doesn't realize Mark has some other plans for him.
3/15/20 10:58 PM
RubberRoswell 3/15/20 8:25 AM
Bela Barbell
The Inductee enjoys his first breakfast and prepares for his first workout at the Center. He has a short encounter with Zeke, the bodybuilder.
3/14/20 4:30 PM
Derek Williams 3/14/20 9:02 AM
Thom 3/11/20 6:34 PM
Derek Williams
A bartender makes Sam and Tony’s lives better.
3/9/20 12:59 PM
Nick sneaks into an abandoned army base and discovers a rubbery surprise.
3/9/20 8:29 AM
Grant, an everyday office worker finds himself suddenly stranded and dazed at an odd city he's never been to before, with a foggy memory and a weak body, Grant could have never known his fate was already sealed
3/6/20 4:58 PM
Willie Cici
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them . . .
3/6/20 10:59 AM
TheGrower 2/25/20 3:16 PM
RotherhamMan 2/24/20 10:52 PM
RotherhamMan 2/24/20 7:35 PM
Huge muscle stud Oyama goes to a bathhouse and inadvertently puts on some very dubious jewelry.
2/14/20 5:38 PM
Daddy Aragon
The Professor never expected his kink to be enjoyed by the hottest jock on the wrestling team, but it happened, and the Professor will benefit from it.
2/13/20 8:44 PM
Interlude - what happend to the guys of the staff meeting with our muscle-god and our kinky punker??
2/10/20 3:37 PM