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Spencer is just your average post-college graduate, down on his luck and working a dead-end job. When he runs across a magical clothing store that changes him in ways he never could of expected he learns there is more out there to experience and with the help of the sexy and cute store owner he finds exactly what he is looking for.
5/29/20 5:28 PM
5/7/20 5:29 PM
5/5/20 1:42 AM
4/29/20 2:08 PM
Two life long friends and athletes who are about to begin college become the objects of interests to a family of international undercover spies intent on taking over the country from within.
4/20/20 3:16 PM
Dario doesn't have a place to live after a breakup, but he finds a house that seems too good to be true.
4/20/20 5:23 AM
Daniel stops at Jean's store after leaving the clinic, showing the staff how to treat customers.
4/20/20 5:17 AM
4/4/20 9:24 AM
A story inspired by one I've come back to several times by Terinas Tiger; Luke gets some mysterious bottles to try from his brother that he wants to share with his girlfriend.
4/2/20 7:13 PM
Eric's uncle invited him and his lover over for an afternoon pool party . . .
3/21/20 10:21 PM