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In the battle between a horny werewolf and Fareed’s cum-hungry body, who will win? (Set in the world of NANOwriter’s Truth or Dare series)
7/22/20 2:47 AM
7/19/20 12:55 PM
Strong's workout with Woody becomes very competitive -- only one will make it to the end.
7/18/20 11:19 AM
As more changes ripple through the game, Fareed is finally ready to experience everything his cum-hungry body is capable of. Jai, Eric and Davis are more than happy to help him on his journey. (Set in the world of NANOwriter's Truth or Dare series)
7/3/20 12:26 PM
2211 words
Randy's empathy for a young lady leads him to a new role -- minister of punishment.
6/26/20 4:55 PM
As the game progresses, Fareed confronts some uncomfortable truths as well as his long-suppressed appetites. (Based on the open-ended world of NANOwriter’s Truth or Dare series.)
6/17/20 4:30 AM
6/15/20 9:54 PM
Now that Fareed finally has his story straight, it’s time to play the game and get this cum camel over his hump... (Set in the world of NANOwriter’s excellent Truth or Dare series)
6/13/20 2:36 PM
Fareed is on a weeklong camping trip with three of his friends when they decide to play a game... (Set in the world of NANOwriter’s Truth or Dare series)
6/11/20 9:34 PM
Marcus is coping with the changes that have started happening to him and learns a bit more about his effects on the men around him during his next class.
6/8/20 4:28 PM