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The Influencer
Wesley discovers things are more complicated with the recent changes during an otherwise ordinary day at the office
12/9/19 2:34 PM
Jake a former college Jock agrees to go to work for Mr. JJ. What the worst that could happen.
12/3/19 9:20 AM
Parker & Johnson was on the verge of shutting down, but it was bought out and saved at the last minute by Mr Masters. After some changes to the company under their new owner, now business is doing great, just like the way it was before...or so they thought...
11/6/19 8:24 AM
Angell Kitty
Kazuma is a young secretary who has the important mission of forming an alliance with the rival company; there he will meet Maxwell, the president of the company, who has more sinister intentions with the young secretary.
6/12/19 8:34 PM
Entering competitions on your lunch break could win you a new career
2/18/19 7:43 AM
Andrew gets something a little special from his new co-worker
2/1/19 7:33 PM
An ambitious young man starts receiving messages from a caller he can't ignore.
1/14/19 9:24 PM
[FURRIES] With Greg's ritual cast, Garrett's meeting with Mr. Bongo is about to take a rather bizarre turn.
11/12/18 12:13 PM
Mindwinder 10/22/18 12:29 PM
[FURRIES!] Greg uses some weird magic tricks to get down and dirty both with himself, and to toy with his coworker on an important deal.
9/27/18 5:01 AM
Be careful what you wish for at a deserted bar
8/23/18 10:49 AM
Jake Fox
Rob has some time of clarity, and Clive Westons future fate is revealed.
7/15/18 1:39 PM
Jake Fox
Rob visits the Doctor in his new clothes
7/14/18 3:24 PM
Dylan just can't seem to say "No" to his to his boss
7/8/18 11:54 PM
It's just a normal day for Matt: chatting with the masturbating postman, processing dildo invoices at work, watching the Emperor's naked webcast...
5/10/18 2:46 AM
Willis has been ambushed by Shitforbrains. Meanwhile, Peach's ride back to the station with Higgins takes an eventful turn...
4/8/18 11:57 PM
Andrew finds himself staying late at work again, and he's not alone...
3/1/18 12:46 AM
Nash's second wish doens't turn out as he had hoped, which prompts him to be very deliberate with the phrasing of his final wish. There's no way the wizard could misinterpret this last wish... no way!
1/13/18 9:42 PM
Hypnothrill 12/30/17 1:19 PM
Andrew has to stay late for work again...though he couldn't really remember why.
11/7/17 10:37 PM
A former hotshot executive in a Manhattan law firm recalls the tale of how he became just another office drone.
8/12/17 10:51 PM
The Flesh Lab 5/23/17 3:54 PM
Maximilian lay hand on special frame ... photos can make you do things ...
5/22/17 3:40 AM
The Flesh Lab
Another client achieves his dream of getting big and hung with help from the Flesh Lab
5/21/17 5:51 PM
Will and Steve vie for their boss's good graces
4/8/17 8:46 PM
Suited 3/3/17 12:08 AM
A stressed CEO gets a deeply relaxing haircut
1/22/17 8:14 PM
The happenings of Mr. Zeiss, a successful and attractive thirty-something guy with the rather useful ability of completely controlling the minds of others.
1/18/17 12:18 AM
A man is about to get a new position at his job
1/3/17 9:29 AM
Heru Kane
With a new boss comes the new experience of becoming a part of a group.
11/5/16 9:05 PM