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M. Greene 1/25/19 5:37 PM
Ethan White
After quashing a plot by the Azure Flame to take over Seaside City, Tempest returns to Selene City to hopefully take a break from all the action. But the supervillain assault continues. Only, this time, the shapeshifter Castor is caught up in the crossfire.
1/15/19 4:02 AM
Some friends play a game on Christmas Eve. All they have to do is follow simple instructions.
12/25/18 10:19 AM
SneakyT 12/16/18 11:31 AM
SneakyT 12/16/18 11:24 AM
Hugh is overjoyed to finally get his hands on Grant, now it's time for him and his newly converted slave to have some fun.
11/16/18 10:30 PM
JockBoy 11/4/18 9:17 AM
Willie Cici 11/1/18 8:04 PM
A Professor fantsasizes about a secure facility
9/25/18 4:26 AM
Conny, our young protagonist, had just been reborn as a sex toy. This is first day and first night, and it turns out, that toys tend to play with themselves during the night...
8/13/18 8:49 PM
Tkhon 8/3/18 5:25 AM
Stroppy Author 7/26/18 3:41 AM
Stroppy Author 7/21/18 2:13 PM
Stroppy Author 6/14/18 2:19 PM
As the game night presses on Judah is determined to win.
6/10/18 1:46 PM
SneakyT 6/2/18 6:35 AM
Tkhon 5/26/18 12:51 AM
M. Greene 2/28/18 2:14 PM
Willie Cici
Shane did not realize what he was signing up for . . .
1/15/18 9:03 PM
Changes to the internet bring about changes to a man
12/25/17 6:41 AM
Santa's elves receive a mysterious gift that changes them
12/23/17 2:05 AM
JoSmith 12/21/17 2:45 AM
A college aged tumblr slut gets the best birthday gift he could want.
11/9/17 1:37 AM
Happy Endings
Aaron's service continues, and what a wild ride it becomes.
9/30/17 4:15 PM
Jason is one of several bottoms competing for there freedom in a nasty and twisted journey through a gay demon's layer.
6/12/17 5:25 AM 5/15/17 1:15 AM
another regular day of Boy-Sloan in his routine life. oh, is it? DEDICATED TO MASTER MARC
4/9/17 9:47 PM
A man kidnapped off the street and subjected to bizarre scientific experiments... just another day in the paranormally kinky College Town of Vixen's Run
2/27/17 5:22 AM
Cole learns not to trick his viewers
1/7/17 12:21 PM
Willie Cici
Chris and Rhys wake up Christmas morning in each other's arm - - only to find what Santa left the night before . . .
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12/26/16 9:22 PM