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Cole is tired of being small and weak, but things start changing around him that may just give him what he wants and more
5/30/20 5:00 PM
Reverend Hacker is hunting a witch in the wilderness of colonial New England; he finds far more than he expects..
5/26/20 5:52 AM
Jason only wanted to lose some weight. Things didn't turn out as he expected . . .
5/23/20 7:15 PM
5/22/20 9:31 PM
5/21/20 5:26 PM
Your sessions in the Machine begin to blur together, both with one another and your reality. You learn your next lesson: oral fixation on your Master's cock.
5/20/20 5:54 PM
5/20/20 5:52 PM
5/16/20 11:21 AM
5/15/20 9:36 PM
5/13/20 2:26 PM