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Corey Grant
AJ accepts new angles in cramped corridors...
3/29/19 10:25 AM
The changing rooms have new mirrors. One look and you'll lose control...
3/28/19 8:50 PM
The detective learns what it means to be tagged for a second time.
2/5/19 4:19 PM
The detective learns more about the men that have taken him.
2/1/19 4:07 PM
The detective joins in a group activity with the other guests.
1/9/19 4:53 PM
A Jungle Book story. The teenager Mowgli tries to escape from the wolf pack so he does not have to go to the man's village, he thinks he can take care of himself, but an encounter with the hypno snake Kaa will change Mowgli's plans forever.
12/24/18 9:45 AM
The Naked Ginger
Brandon tries to explain his issue to Dylan who formulates a plan
12/14/18 6:36 AM
Journalist Eli has just uncovered a worldwide conspiracy. So why does no one else seem to care?
11/17/18 1:03 PM
For some strange reason, you can't help coming back to this nude beach...
9/19/18 3:34 PM
Willie Cici
Tommy can't stand to see his friends unhappy. He has a selfish solution . . .
8/25/18 8:18 PM
rubbrsome 8/1/18 11:24 PM
Scott is introduced to the new workers of the lab.
7/31/18 4:20 AM
A delivery man stumbles upon a mysterious lab and something dangerous within.
7/30/18 10:45 PM
The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain.
7/29/18 6:11 AM
EdIam 7/4/18 7:43 AM
A dedicated writer has a chance to no longer dream of his fantasy but the opportunity to live it.
5/18/18 5:26 PM
A dedicated writer has a chance to longer dream of his fantasy but the opportunity to live it.
5/18/18 12:18 PM
Willie Cici
Trey finds himself on a tropical island . . .
5/12/18 4:29 AM
A group of men signed up for a mysterious new life.
4/18/18 3:02 AM
A group of black men don't know they are about to fall prey to a white guy's experiment.
2/22/18 2:11 AM
rubbrsome 1/9/18 12:23 AM
rubbrsome 1/8/18 4:45 AM
rubbrsome 1/6/18 4:16 PM
rubbrsome 1/5/18 2:07 AM
rubbrsome 1/1/18 4:35 PM
Case finds himself in a nightclub, not understanding why he's there or what's about to happen.
11/16/17 4:09 AM
Three men are mysteriously taken after a night of fun.
11/15/17 11:17 PM
Paul has decided to put his long career as a hypnotist to bed...along with many of the new local men he's meeting.
11/10/17 5:59 PM
Alex and Roger, two men that don't know each other, are about to be aware of the other's existence.
9/7/17 2:21 AM
With these strange storms every night, it's been a crazy week on campus. Good thing Bret's still normal...
5/24/17 9:38 AM