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Dr Smith makes a donation to Goodwill, only for the guy to pick it up to be a total prick about the clothes he's donating. So the hypnotist decides to have the guy try on a few lewd pieces.
7/28/20 8:35 PM
2952 words
Cody recounts the summer on the Jersey shore between his Junior and Senior year of college . . .
7/16/20 7:26 PM
Chris wanders off from his tour group to find an intriguing serpent with a strange power
7/13/20 6:57 PM
2374 words
Trey had a deep-seeded fear. His dorm mate, Jared suggestion yoga and meditation . . .
7/9/20 12:03 PM
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Construction worker Răzvan demonstrates his actual skills to a young man.
7/6/20 6:01 AM
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Three young film-makers venture into the woods for a documentary about a legendary witch and are never heard from again. A year later, their film footage is recovered. (Loosely based on The Blair Witch Project.)
7/4/20 5:09 PM
The mesmerizing poet's neighborhood harem bonds and expands....
6/28/20 6:38 AM
8936 words
5/29/20 7:18 PM
3288 words
Bauarbeiter Răzvan dämonstriert einem jungen Mann, worin seine Fähigkeiten eigentlich bestehen.
5/22/20 9:30 PM
Kevin encounters an artifact from outer space and learns of its inhabitant's intentions.
4/29/20 2:10 PM