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a naga decides to study humans, and grow attached to one.
6/24/20 5:28 AM
711 words
A lot of interesting things are being done with artificial intelligence nowadays. Some folks have put together an automatic text adventure generator the responds to your prompts coherently. So, naturally, we need to see if it can be used for porn. The results are better than you’d expect but not as great as you’d hope.
6/11/20 9:38 PM
2590 words
Ben is a hotshot researcher at the university, specializing in medical nanotechnology. He's made great progress ... but he made a few careless mistakes along the way.
6/9/20 7:09 PM
1359 words
Coach Gonzales is willing to give Cody one last chance...
5/24/20 6:37 PM
3041 words
5/22/20 1:51 AM
Your Dom has agreed to place you in an experimental machine to break down the last vestiges of resistance that remain inside your mind.
5/18/20 5:26 AM
2346 words
Coming from his guilt trip the night before, Noah found something that may help him feel less guilty.
5/9/20 4:36 PM
1382 words
The right job can change your life
4/20/20 6:57 PM
3156 words
Derek has dreams and memories of another man. So why does no one else know who he's talking about?
4/19/20 5:16 PM
Theo goes through the rest of the weekend and the next week with different encounters along the way.
4/18/20 6:18 AM