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2201 words
6/13/20 2:39 PM
As Adam is further toyed around with by his masseur, Dustin, his reality suddenly changes.
5/28/20 7:01 PM
Thor has one last night with Lee-am before he leaves... (Basically the muscled up Hemsworth brothers fuck lol)
5/17/20 9:47 PM
A young man is drawn to a mysterious ad online and feels compelled to meet the one who posted it. Little does he know this is the first step down a path of obedience, servitude, and a lifetime of blissful depravity.
5/7/20 5:59 AM
Daryl and Josh agree to star in the first video of a friend of a friend's new porn studio Hypnalis. They were promised a bombshell to share but first, they have to experience hypnosis for the first time.
4/27/20 6:29 PM
Two life long friends and athletes who are about to begin college become the objects of interests to a family of international undercover spies intent on taking over the country from within.
4/20/20 3:16 PM
Zach helps Tony process his interaction with Sterling.
4/13/20 4:36 PM
3827 words
A story inspired by one I've come back to several times by Terinas Tiger; Luke gets some mysterious bottles to try from his brother that he wants to share with his girlfriend.
4/2/20 7:13 PM
Oyama tentatively returns, and the kitsune comes back to play.
3/17/20 8:25 AM
Jason's friends think that threesomes are fiction, things made up by men. Jason knows better . . . or does he?
1/7/20 9:49 PM