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7687 words
Dave wants to be the perfect guy for his soulmate.
6/29/20 8:11 PM
1656 words
Bart steals a wallet from his gym locker room and suffers the nerdy consequences
6/28/20 6:29 AM
After dumping his boyfriend, Dirk finds himself becoming transformed into an absolute loser
6/20/20 11:44 AM
6570 words
Dave takes Nate to meet his parents. The nervous guy sees this as an opportunity to seek answers.
6/1/20 6:44 AM
A puny nerd slowly takes his sport jock roommate’s free will with his pheromones before taking his muscles too !
5/26/20 9:06 PM
Evan hypnotizes handsome wrestler Kurt, making him realize how much he loves being ogled by gay men
5/19/20 8:47 PM
1180 words
A simple nerd Colin develops a hypnotic app. He gains control over his incredibly hot roommate. But that's just the start of Colin's fun.
5/11/20 11:31 AM
1046 words
A genius gets tired of his unappealing body, knowing that he is a god amongst men he creates a machine that will allow him to transfer his consciousness into others so that he may become immortal. He chooses his university's star football player to be the vessel worthy of a go
5/5/20 10:55 PM
Two gay roommates in a house full of nerds enact a plot to turn their straight roommate, Devin, into their personal bottom bitch.
4/28/20 5:29 AM
Pine has to wake up after his overload at the last challenge.
4/3/20 5:24 AM