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2596 words
Charlie discovers new things about himself, and he doesn’t understand what that means for him now.
8/4/20 5:41 PM
Adam's got an odd twinge in his belly, but think's it's nothing - until Dr. Georg shows him otherwise.
8/2/20 7:41 AM
2090 words
Lee could have anything and anyone, but why couldn’t he help himself when he’s around Charlie?
7/30/20 8:43 PM
Liams game of Truth or Dare continues with his family and friends.
7/23/20 12:11 PM
In the battle between a horny werewolf and Fareed’s cum-hungry body, who will win? (Set in the world of NANOwriter’s Truth or Dare series)
7/22/20 2:47 AM
3211 words
Lee makes a deal with the intruders.
7/8/20 8:55 PM
As more changes ripple through the game, Fareed is finally ready to experience everything his cum-hungry body is capable of. Jai, Eric and Davis are more than happy to help him on his journey. (Set in the world of NANOwriter's Truth or Dare series)
7/3/20 12:26 PM
2115 words
Lee deals with the intruders in his home. He decides to have some fun.
7/2/20 11:06 AM
1854 words
Lee wakes up to two intruders who broke into his home, demanding secrets from his past.
6/29/20 2:03 AM
Chuck just can't get a hang of math, even with the help of his tutor, Harshad. But it turns out they can help each other out, since there's plenty Chuck can teach Harshad, too.
6/26/20 8:06 AM