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Marcus tries to find ways to cope with his hunger before giving in and getting lunch.
7/13/20 6:38 AM
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After attending a Shakespeare in the Park show, a mortal runs afoul of the Fair folk and his closest friend seeks to help him.
7/12/20 3:25 PM
7/12/20 1:38 PM
Mike has had trouble getting used to some of the rules around the house, so Daddy invites him over for a weekend to try and loosen him up.
7/10/20 5:45 AM
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7/7/20 3:05 PM
Marcus witnesses a new change in his roommate Erik, then struggles to control his new desires.
7/7/20 9:45 AM
After taking the football and wrestling team, Master Mike moves onto the football team. But not without some special attention first to the baseball team's catcher.
7/7/20 8:55 AM
Recovering from being totally mind-fucked. WTF does he have planned...
7/5/20 7:24 AM
7/4/20 5:10 PM
6297 words
Long after the mists fell, the Night Guard, warped by its influence, watches over the tiny remnants of humanity left in Citadel. When Jacob undergoes changes he doesn't understand, there's only one person he can trust: Lyle, the Night Guard who rescued him from the mists one night.
7/1/20 9:01 PM