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A college athlete makes sure that his new friend puts in the hard work.
3/29/20 9:02 PM
transformheaven 3/24/20 10:45 PM
Rick was already exhausted by his uppity female roommate and her boyfriend, then the COVID-19 Quarantine happened. He knew he couldn't live with her the way she was any longer.
3/15/20 8:27 AM
A college wrestler makes sure his teammate gets in shape for the proper weight class.
3/2/20 5:46 AM
Interlude - what happend to the guys of the staff meeting with our muscle-god and our kinky punker??
2/10/20 3:37 PM
RotherhamMan 11/11/19 4:16 PM
Bosco shows off to hungry on-lookers, and then gets more attention than he anticipates
9/26/19 9:03 AM
Let down at his new job, Chernobyl gets in the woods during the evening with his old buddy Parker, who shares a gift hoping to cheer him on.
8/1/19 4:21 AM
Baldwizzard 3/29/19 3:37 PM
Elan Musk
During a run, Cory finds himself compelled by an unfamiliar voice to leave foot path and enter the woods, where he discovers his new destiny.
1/5/19 8:32 AM
After a steamy encounter at the gym, Ed a shy office worker, gains the ability to turn people into bears. Will he become a superhero and use them to fight crime, or will they just be a means of bringing his homoerotic fantasies to life? Tune in to this week's issue of The Bearifier to find out!
12/15/18 10:22 PM
Our narrator begins to get his life back on track, after escaping Cameron’s abusive clutches.
11/18/18 7:50 PM
A mysterious program holds the offer of changing Todd's life forever
10/14/18 5:10 PM
Kappa Sig knows how to throw one heck of a party
9/11/18 5:35 AM
Tkhon 8/19/18 5:19 PM
Scott gets lost in the woods and stumbles into a bear’s cave.
8/15/18 10:16 PM
A commuter longs to make the ticket collector on his morning train ride into his ideal jerkoff fantasy.
8/7/18 2:26 AM
Sure, he ruined your porn career when you had ED, but maybe this unexpected gift from him makes up for it...
2/12/18 4:13 PM
mw-scot (CodyTaylorNYC)
Coach comes to rescue his players, but things don't go to plan
11/23/17 12:28 AM
Our narrator experiences his first changes...
2/5/16 3:32 AM
A young bodybuilder claims his body is bulking up without his control. A writer for a local gay paper investigates.
1/25/16 4:47 AM
Zandro gets taken down in prison
2/7/12 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken 7/5/11 8:00 PM
Aytef & Flashpoint
Trip's perfect gift for Scott comes with a price...
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6/23/06 8:00 PM
Aytef & Flashpoint
Scott receives a gift that's more than he expected.
6/23/06 8:00 PM