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After the happiest moment of his life, Ryland now faces his most devastating moments. Ones that will define his role as the Wicked Witch.
7/8/20 6:32 AM
Yes, Strong, someday your Prince will cum...
7/7/20 11:22 AM
Marcus witnesses a new change in his roommate Erik, then struggles to control his new desires.
7/7/20 9:45 AM
6950 words
Dylan gets an app that claims to bring him closer to his soulmate, but he's not prepared for the consequences
7/7/20 9:16 AM
Strong discovers a hot gym sub-strata -- if only there were a handsome Prince to rescue him!
7/6/20 11:56 AM
Author Hidden
Construction worker Răzvan demonstrates his actual skills to a young man.
7/6/20 6:01 AM
Working out with Rook, Strong spots for a 300-pound man.
7/5/20 4:07 PM
1529 words
A guy home from college spends unexpected time with his uncle, which leads to a transformative experience.
7/5/20 8:09 AM
7/4/20 5:10 PM
Strong learns the first rule of Apollyon: "Always obey the bigger man."
7/4/20 4:05 PM