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Willie Cici
Jason listens to his lover's narration of how the two became lovers . . .
11/14/19 12:17 AM
Lusty Stallion
Genie continues his journeys into the world adding 3 words to every wish he hears
11/13/19 6:03 AM
Pup Forte
Danyul, a sad, fat human serving Castle Ealas, has been captured by orcs. Initially fearing for his life, Danyul learns the truth about himself and never turns back.
11/12/19 5:56 PM
A young man gives into his most private desires with the assistance of a cursed tank top.
11/12/19 5:04 PM
RotherhamMan 11/11/19 4:16 PM
Willie Cici
Spence starts manufacturing his devilish protein mix for his California clients . . .
11/11/19 6:57 AM
Willie Cici
Steve's roommate insists that compression gear is the only thing to wear . . .
11/11/19 6:57 AM
While this story takes place in The World of The New Supermen it features characters inspired by people from the Superman comics.
11/11/19 6:55 AM
A man comes home from the library with a cursed book and finds himself the subject of a story.
11/9/19 7:33 PM
tyl7897 11/8/19 6:48 AM
The compression material creates a master and a slave.
11/4/19 8:11 PM
Somnius 11/3/19 2:13 PM
Willie Cici
Carson experiences an epiphany . . . an Extreme one . . .
11/1/19 9:00 PM
At the beginning of the strange happenings in town, a construction crew is visited by a strange man.
10/31/19 9:23 PM
Jeep 10/31/19 4:30 PM
A vacation results in unexpected changes for a wrestling champ and his coach
10/31/19 9:14 AM
Jeep 10/28/19 10:16 PM
tauro2 10/28/19 6:12 AM
Derek Williams
Kyle asks Brett out on a date and he just can't say no.
10/28/19 6:12 AM
here4hairymen 10/27/19 12:52 PM
Marc adjusts to life as Blaidd, some history of the Wuulf
10/26/19 7:03 PM
Jeep 10/25/19 9:57 PM
Clark hope's more than anything for an interesting story. What he finds is much more than he bargained for.
10/25/19 5:42 PM
A man finds you really can’t escape your past
10/24/19 7:57 PM
A guy gets a little more than he bargains for when he goes to the gym.
10/23/19 6:53 AM
Gerbil-Bee 10/22/19 2:46 PM
Wesley Bracken
More employees slowly fall under the control of the new CEO--none of them very willingly.
10/22/19 4:18 AM
Wesley Bracken
Kyle is given a new task, after besting Richard, to prove he's the right choice for the VP position.
10/15/19 6:07 PM
The final chapter for unit Dan and the Great Leader
10/14/19 6:15 AM
The finale, will Justin and Graham be able to end this horror?
10/13/19 7:07 AM