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Willie Cici
Two accountants figure out a way to put muscle heads to good use . . .
11/13/18 10:04 PM
Willie Cici
The collection of native species at 'The Zoo' intrigues a new visitor . . .
11/13/18 10:03 PM
The group reunites. Now the only thing left to do is escape.
11/13/18 6:59 PM
Cris Kane
Derek and Charles come back together.
11/13/18 1:10 AM
When Nico and Collin get a new package their lives change for the better.
11/8/18 10:04 PM
sneakerdom 11/7/18 11:43 PM
Stroppy Author 11/7/18 5:30 PM
Stroppy Author
An accountant visits a self improvement site
11/7/18 4:30 PM
transformheaven 11/3/18 10:04 PM
Derek Williams
Eddie tries to beat the curse, while Matt works against him. Andrew shows everyone what a slutty himbo he's become.
11/3/18 8:46 AM
Willie Cici 11/1/18 8:04 PM
person333311 10/30/18 9:14 AM
Mister F
Charles find himself in a tricky situation when the game decide that the rules are optionnals
10/27/18 6:38 AM
JoSmith 10/26/18 5:41 AM
Willie Cici
Ted gets a call from his dad. He needs help at the night club . . .
10/24/18 8:39 PM
Willie Cici
Brian, the assistant manager of a beach resort hotel, has to deal with the guests in Room 302 . . .
10/24/18 3:55 PM
What will Luke do to him? And who is Barron Fischer? What is going on?
10/23/18 3:34 PM
Kayden is going on a business trip that will change his life...
10/22/18 9:18 PM
Belti 10/22/18 10:49 AM
Willie Cici
Two new clients walk into Doctor Karl's office with an interesting dilemna . . . .
10/22/18 6:01 AM
A young man found a family secret during the holidays that could help him getting close to his two uncles.
10/21/18 9:09 PM
After a long day at work envying a better-looking guy than himself, Ethan plans on logging on his computer to relieve some pressure... until some odd user called Bear_mkr have a little chat with him.
10/21/18 5:45 PM
Tkhon 10/21/18 7:26 AM
Paul thought that he would have a normal afternoon at the gym, but the owner of the gym had other plans.
10/20/18 10:52 PM
Derek Williams
Ned can't believe that Devon wants to hook up with him. There's a catch.
10/20/18 8:01 AM
Belti 10/19/18 5:39 PM
Derek Williams
Cole decides to throw his own birthday party. He has a thing for muscle bros, and he's also hacked the universe.
10/18/18 8:17 AM
Stroppyauthor 10/14/18 5:10 PM
Three friends from different worlds and jobs, share a common passion once a week together.
10/14/18 2:51 PM
Willie Cici
Tyler and Miguel have to sneak around to get to their part-time job . . .
10/13/18 6:09 PM