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Willie Cici
The final phase of testing and Josh's plan would take off . . .
12/4/18 9:50 PM
Willie Cici
Josh continues his informal testing and uses his intern, Steve, as his next target . . .
12/4/18 7:38 PM
Willie Cici
Josh's operative works his way through a college campus, through two unsuspecting students . . .
12/4/18 6:32 PM
Willie Cici
The serum works its way through Josh's network of colleagues . . .
12/4/18 5:54 PM
Willie Cici
Connor learns that masks do not necessarily hide your emotions . . .
12/4/18 5:44 PM
Willie Cici
How could a serum change the mind?
12/4/18 10:54 AM
In the locker room showers, a new vessel for Coach's will is born
12/4/18 5:29 AM
Journalist Eli has just uncovered a worldwide conspiracy. So why does no one else seem to care?
11/17/18 1:03 PM
Willie Cici
The collection of native species at 'The Zoo' intrigues a new visitor . . .
11/13/18 10:03 PM
Mark goes to a sex store to buy his boyfriend a present. But when someone with incredible powers walks in too, Mark realizes that HE'S the one getting a gift.
9/23/18 12:23 AM
The story concludes when Scott is faced with his final transformation by the robot men.
8/2/18 10:35 PM
Scott finds himself in a new reality, and quickly learns the seriousness of his predicament.
8/1/18 2:08 AM
How will the dutiful warrior save his dear prince? A drone gets a haircut.
7/29/18 7:27 AM
The deleted scenes from a previous story, giving you the greater perspective a what happened behind the curtain.
7/29/18 6:11 AM
A Drone Submits. (And the truth of Gale's origin is revealed.)
7/27/18 10:48 PM
Tattcub 6/12/18 2:47 PM
Willie Cici
Brad turns the tables on his friend Zayne and his friend, Greg . . . .
6/11/18 3:42 AM
How much do you want it ? Desires can be expensive. This is a taster for an idea. I'd love some thoughts.
6/8/18 12:20 AM
Twan Andersen
Just a one of many regular days on the new life a regular boy found himself experiencing, after a run-in with a man who was looking for the perfect boy to enslave under his hypnotic control for the rest of his life.
6/2/18 2:27 PM
A dedicated writer has a chance to no longer dream of his fantasy but the opportunity to live it.
5/18/18 5:39 PM
Cal is busy studying for his exams but some strange person keeps messaging him
5/4/18 7:45 PM
rubbrsome 4/25/18 12:30 AM
Twink J173 belongs to a very special club. And it's recruiting new members...
4/14/18 11:49 AM
Chris and his friends Mike and Greg get scouted for a very special program
3/19/18 1:44 PM
M. Greene 2/28/18 2:14 PM
M. Greene 2/25/18 10:03 AM
M. Greene 2/16/18 9:14 AM
Willie Cici
Josh listened to the soothing, calming words of a guru . . . with a website . . .
2/14/18 10:25 PM
Willie Cici
The relationships we form aren't always what we envision . . .
2/14/18 10:10 PM
M. Greene 2/14/18 8:35 AM