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A continuation of the "A Trial Through Hell" series. Filthy and perverted as always.
7/4/20 4:03 PM
3155 words
Randy gets invited to a high school classmates birthday party. He never imagined how his life could change . . .
7/2/20 9:02 PM
4667 words
Mark has cornered another twink on a camping trip, but things quickly take a turn. This weird tale is definitely not for everyone.
7/2/20 11:12 AM
2717 words
Some new tenants move into the basement suite. They're hoping this town will give them a fresh start but what's in store for them is far from what they expected.
6/18/20 6:22 PM
6/15/20 9:54 PM
3598 words
While working out, Andre gradually becomes aware that he is not alone. Someone is there, watching him sweat. Someone whose cock commands Andre's focus like nothing ever has before. Changing him into the boy he was meant to be.
6/15/20 5:27 AM
Brandon is a guy who thought he had it all. However, on his 21st birthday, he gets even more. This young hunk gets magical powers a horny, cocky, gay dude should never posses.
6/14/20 6:35 PM
2001 words
Randy could not understand why the studs at the gym kept snapping selfies and speaking some weird language . . .
6/12/20 5:10 PM
2257 words
Brett never expected to find a burglar in his salon. "Your money or your life" . . . which one did the burglar want?
6/7/20 8:03 PM
1901 words
Detective Richard Harris has the unpleasant task of enforcing store closures in West Hollywood. One store did not appreciate the detective's work . . .
6/6/20 4:49 PM