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Daddy Aragon
Kenshi makes the mistake of thinking that he will not be affected by his own magical creation, but that's not a bad thing.
2/27/20 10:59 AM
RotherhamMan 2/24/20 10:52 PM
RotherhamMan 2/24/20 7:35 PM
Kevin starts to lose his patience with Will's immunity, meanwhile the later receives an unexpected visit.
2/24/20 6:30 PM
Mind In A Box 2/24/20 5:44 AM
Mind In A Box
The Master and freshly initiated slave begin their new life together.
2/24/20 5:44 AM
My first assignment as a judge.
2/23/20 11:33 AM
Willie Cici
What type of person is born on February 29, in ‘Leap Year’?
2/23/20 8:19 AM
Nacho 2/21/20 10:53 AM
Willie Cici
What type of person is born on February 29, in 'Leap Year'?
2/19/20 11:54 AM
Things get serious for Noel. Our young protagonist will be introduced to the first assets of the system with a "penetrating" behavior. His body will receive the first changes and later on, Noel will get an idea of how large "Utopia" actually is.
2/17/20 10:53 PM
Kevin reveals himself and his intentions. Will can choose to trust him or not.
2/17/20 10:53 PM
jockedguy 2/17/20 8:27 PM
Mind In A Box 2/15/20 7:45 AM
LeatherFreak 2/13/20 8:45 PM
Grant Spiral
A species unknown to mankind thrives off possessing men and climbing social ranks via sex.
2/13/20 8:43 PM
Hypno Hyde 1
Lorenzo tells his protege how he got his mentor and learned to control his powers.
2/13/20 5:24 AM
A therapist with the ability to control his client's minds has some fun.
2/12/20 5:52 AM
Noels journey continues. He's going to explore the first part of the system. What's waiting for him outside of the transport-vessel?
2/10/20 5:54 AM
densub 2/9/20 8:47 AM
Mind In A Box 2/8/20 8:34 AM
jockedguy 2/7/20 7:37 PM
A Voyeur Fan
The high stakes competition to pledge Kappa Omega Kappa moves into its second round. This time, even fewer pledges will survive the game without getting fucked. Choose Your Own Adventure Community Series
2/6/20 7:54 PM
My plan finally begins at dinner. Time for some guidelines.
2/6/20 5:42 PM
Noel, one of countless male humans is living in a world where 50% of all males will become a part of "the system". The modern society refers to these large underground structures as "Utopia". A world about which Noel will learn the truth. Nobody would date to leave the system, once integrated. Even if they could.
2/6/20 5:27 AM
Mike wants to spend some time with Pine. It's time for a bro night!
2/6/20 5:25 AM
Pup Don 2/4/20 5:33 AM
Willie Cici
Having earned his journeyman status, a sorcerer fights his boredom by traveling about . . .
2/3/20 8:42 PM
Tim becomes entranced to his crush at summer camp.
2/3/20 4:00 PM
Mind In A Box
A scientist utilizing a piece of technology has a sinister plan for a man in his area.
2/2/20 8:30 PM