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This is a story I wrote back in 2003 about a fantasy transformation of mine in which I become another guy. This story was my first foray into the transformation genre. Although I wrote another story around that time as well (which I no longer have, unfortunately), I did not continue writing. Perhaps reading other's stories here will help me become inspired to write again.
2/9/20 9:05 AM
KickIt 12/7/19 1:33 PM
Somnius 11/3/19 2:13 PM
A young gym bunny wakes up with a strange voice ringing in his head, will he be able to figure out what happened to him?
3/2/19 9:13 PM
Willie Cici
The souls of the just will bide their time . . .
6/19/17 4:39 AM
M. Greene 6/1/17 4:17 PM
M. Greene 5/31/17 12:47 PM
M. Greene 5/18/17 6:58 PM
Nothing: Arrogant jocks compete for unlimited sex while on vacation, Lucky for them Unda Dakilt always fulfills their contracts./ Glory Holes: A bored trickster gets inspired!!!
3/1/17 2:43 AM
Inanimate Transformer
After "winning" a charity auction at a local pub Gillian's rival learns not to mess with a Scotsman's pride.
12/20/16 8:59 PM
Joey B
Clay wants to swap bodies but get something better instead
2/17/12 7:00 PM