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1529 words
A guy home from college spends unexpected time with his uncle, which leads to a transformative experience.
7/5/20 8:09 AM
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A vacation to New Orleans turns out to be a much bigger change for a couple than they expected.
7/4/20 2:47 PM
Carson isn't too sure about Monster Truck shows. But he's going to like them way more, soon enough.
6/27/20 6:24 PM
2502 words
Atlas meets some of the bros, finding that much needed sense of connection. But is everything as it seems? (Thank you for all the supportive comments y'all!)
6/14/20 8:18 AM
1789 words
Atlas's only friend Trevor has changed a lot since the beginning of freshman year, and for the better. What will Atlas do when presented with the same opportunities? (This is my first time posting a story here, feedback is welcome)
6/12/20 5:31 AM
711 words
A lot of interesting things are being done with artificial intelligence nowadays. Some folks have put together an automatic text adventure generator the responds to your prompts coherently. So, naturally, we need to see if it can be used for porn. The results are better than you’d expect but not as great as you’d hope.
6/11/20 9:38 PM
5/23/20 7:31 AM
Fucking Terry's piggy hole has changed Jax's outlook on the best things to breed. Shifting his allegiance from girls and their pussy's to boys and their holes. It is not a revelation one keeps to oneself.
5/18/20 2:15 AM
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them …
5/7/20 5:30 PM
After the incident at the hotel, Greg tries to find a new normal, but a spam email pushes him over the edge.
5/2/20 7:34 AM