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Lust, power, and the blood of men and vampires. These components make up this part of Avalenian history.
7/13/20 7:44 AM
3287 words
4/17/20 7:53 AM
12/29/19 10:17 AM
3275 words
12/7/19 1:33 PM
4870 words
11/25/19 6:01 AM
Chad learns about his past and discovers a new interest in Sam....
11/12/19 6:59 AM
The next year, now. Mayor Derry has plans for the town's growth. Kevin sees something that rends him apart, and leaves him screaming against the bars of his gilded cage. And finally, a young man wants nothing more than to see something other than this place, with the person he loves.
8/12/19 5:10 PM
The mayor pays Kevin a visit, and offers him a second chance to find a place in the town that really suits him.
8/11/19 6:12 PM
Steve searches out Kevin. Together they piece together who they'd been before Derryville, and plot an escape.
8/8/19 4:14 PM
1309 words
Sitri is on the move to corrupt more souls of the men on campus.
6/13/19 4:21 AM