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3575 words
Lord Edwards takes a relaxing train ride through the countryside, leaving him suspiciously vulnerable...
6/25/20 3:35 PM
Jason returns home brokenhearted and meets a mysterious man who knows about his lover's transformation and offers him a choice.
6/15/20 1:37 PM
The true story of my online submission. I ll discuss the details in form of a series. Be patient and read it.
6/6/20 4:47 PM
A perfect utopia of the men of the Mosque. Their Master's will flows through them. Until a new man arrives.
5/31/20 8:11 PM
Slave finally somes to terms with his true self
5/19/20 5:56 AM
After his successful assimilation, Klintar goes home to test his powers on his roommate.
5/12/20 1:07 PM
Kevin encounters an artifact from outer space and learns of its inhabitant's intentions.
4/29/20 2:10 PM
4/29/20 2:08 PM
Power-hungry FBI Agent Damien Stephano and his protege, Jason, are led by the mysterious Professor Johnson to the ancient artifact that may grant the power to face the Pharaoh's army.
4/18/20 6:05 PM
4/11/20 8:53 PM