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3155 words
Randy gets invited to a high school classmates birthday party. He never imagined how his life could change . . .
7/2/20 9:02 PM
1157 words
There's a new product being tested, but what does it do?
7/1/20 6:11 AM
3589 words
Captain Collins and Detective Roberts carry out the plan to make the day shift into the Enforcers of Ari'seth
6/26/20 8:07 AM
Author Hidden
6/24/20 6:03 AM
2001 words
Randy could not understand why the studs at the gym kept snapping selfies and speaking some weird language . . .
6/12/20 5:10 PM
A perfect utopia of the men of the Mosque. Their Master's will flows through them. Until a new man arrives.
5/31/20 8:11 PM
2483 words
Jose goes to a meditation retreat and discovers his true meaning in life
4/30/20 6:14 AM
8418 words
Alter a drone's protocols at your own risk
4/17/20 7:54 AM
Theo goes through the weekend after leaving the recruiting center.
3/30/20 10:19 AM
3250 words
3/24/20 10:45 PM