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Whitechap e1
The Doctor decides it's time to harvest the Captain and sets a trap, will the gallant Captain escape the Doctor's evil machinations? Back in the present day the bookshop has been burgled.
11/21/19 9:57 PM
Whitechap e1
As the submarine heads towrds Gibraltar Captain Wilcox realises that his crew are beginning to behave strangely. Some unlikely customers appear at the book-shop and threaten the book dealer's assistant
11/16/19 12:14 PM
Whitechap e1
The crew of the HMS Circe welcome their guest on board, meanwhile the book dealer receives a strange anonymous email
11/10/19 8:51 AM
Lee wakes up in his new life and enjoys his first day as Liam.
5/6/18 12:18 AM
They say every submarine has its own distinct smell. Suppose someone or something were to use that against the men serving?
3/13/18 10:15 PM
JoSmith 12/29/17 1:46 PM
Mac invites Jonathan to his place
12/16/17 12:02 AM
A former Marine is starting to become discouraged that he won't find the perfect companion. He finds the perfect blank slate in a young Mormon missionary and receives help from a friend to change the missionary to his perfect companion
12/5/17 2:54 AM
Buzz wants to prove to his older brother that he's all grown up now.
11/6/17 1:04 AM
Pup transformation moves from the Coaches to the team
9/13/17 4:43 PM
the guardsman
E4QRS4G is a space marine, he is tasked with keeping space clean.
8/30/17 10:35 AM
The Extractor
The experiment continues!
3/23/17 7:58 AM
The Extractor
Further training of an marine pilot at the compound.
3/23/17 7:36 AM
The Extractor
A marine pilot gets special training at a top secret military facility.
3/23/17 7:32 AM
Willie Cici
The Captain of the Townsend finds himself the prisoner of his vessel . . .
2/8/17 7:21 AM
Neil is having more fun with the Stantons and their guests during the Super Bowl game night
9/26/15 10:00 PM
Piko 4/24/15 7:19 PM
Cris Kane
A twink hooks up with a marine and begs to know if the rumors about a secret military muscle-building formula are true.
3/19/15 7:18 PM
(En español). De como la palabra es la clave del perdón.
1/10/15 10:19 AM
(En español). De cómo la música en el walkman puede ser altamente hipnótica.
1/9/15 2:31 PM
A reimagining of the classic story The Bus Episode. A new allergy medicine has given a man mc powers.
1/3/14 7:00 PM
The NCMC Readers, WIKI
Farm boys and their father become a gay stable of a magicians wet dreams
4/18/13 8:00 PM
Karl falls deeper into the spiral of secrets, and begins losing himself.
2/13/11 7:00 PM
The death of his friend sets a military man on a road toward secrets best left untouched.
11/17/10 7:00 PM
lthrjock 9/21/08 8:00 PM
Merlin 7/2/08 8:00 PM
Morgan Blackthorne
A redneck wakes up in a space ship where he'll live as a slave.
4/16/06 8:00 PM
A Navy Seal is captured by the enemy while on a commando mission.
11/9/05 7:00 PM
A Navy SEAL is captured by the enemy while on a commando mission.
10/20/05 8:00 PM
magister 6/6/05 8:00 PM