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3947 words
A couple moves into an apartment building with some very influential neighbours.
8/7/20 7:20 PM
Hi guys! My name is Cameron. Join me as I document my adventures around the globe with nothing but my backpack!
7/26/20 11:29 PM
Mr. Charlie Smith receives a letter from an eccentric gentleman, regarding his work. His life changes in ways he can't imagine
7/20/20 12:50 PM
A nerd gets in possession of reality-chaning pen. An unfortunately late submission for the 'Supernatural' competition
7/15/20 6:24 AM
3575 words
Lord Edwards takes a relaxing train ride through the countryside, leaving him suspiciously vulnerable...
6/25/20 3:35 PM
how does everyone deal with the changes?
6/16/20 6:02 AM
A perfect utopia of the men of the Mosque. Their Master's will flows through them. Until a new man arrives.
5/31/20 8:11 PM
14462 words
Two young men, fresh out of college and carrying big aspirations, are about to present their exciting new invention to one of the world's largest tech companies.
5/30/20 8:35 PM
2240 words
The supernatural hunting Winchester brothers meet their match in a nefarious gentlemen, with an affinity for seduction and moulding minds
3/18/20 6:17 AM
After Master had enjoyed three servants, he knew he wanted more around. He prepares his slaves to help him gather more fresh meat...
2/27/20 9:43 PM