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2211 words
Randy's empathy for a young lady leads him to a new role -- minister of punishment.
6/26/20 4:55 PM
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Cathal is sentenced to a trail by the gods for the death of a druidess. If he survives, he'll serve them for the rest of his life. Odhran can't bear the thought of either happening to the man he's secretly in loved for years.
6/17/20 7:27 PM
3397 words
Braden is having troubles that he never thought he would experience at age 31. Did his friend Wayne have the answer? . . .
6/15/20 9:54 PM
2201 words
6/13/20 2:39 PM
2889 words
Thomas, a happily married Gay Professor at his university and is filling in for one of his colleagues when he bites into an apple on the desk (gifted by one of her troubled students) and goes through some changes.
6/12/20 7:58 PM
3485 words
James wakes up without a head, and no must learn to live as a dullahan
6/9/20 8:08 PM
Ethan's friends take him out on the town, but he slips away to go to the nearby gay club - and discovers the club has an attached bathhouse.
6/8/20 9:17 PM
6/1/20 5:50 PM
2586 words
Dane enjoys the largesse of a classmate who takes an interest in helping the geeky college Freshman . . .
6/1/20 5:49 PM
Chad invites some of his friends to Master's beach house. They had no idea . . .
5/27/20 6:13 AM