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Willie Cici
Tyler has to face reality. It's time to get a job . . .
2/14/19 9:25 PM
Willie Cici
Nate's roommates drank all his beer. Luckily, one of the guys in the building brews his own beer . . .
2/14/19 8:30 PM
Willie Cici
Logan and his girl join her family for a post-Christmas vacation where Logan meets the rest of the family . . .
2/6/19 9:34 PM
The detective learns what it means to be tagged for a second time.
2/5/19 4:19 PM
Something crashes into the field next to James and Xavier's house. What James finds there will change the way he grows... pretty much everything.
2/4/19 12:51 PM
Willie Cici
Wolf cannot believe the effect his drug has on his customers . . . .
1/30/19 2:02 AM
Willie Cici 1/24/19 9:47 PM
Willie Cici
Jack Newhouse has an important decision to make . . . where to raise his son . . .
1/23/19 5:28 PM
Willie Cici
A young man cannot accept his reality. He finds a cure and decides to follow the remedy . . .
1/21/19 10:21 AM
The detective joins in a group activity with the other guests.
1/9/19 4:53 PM
A college student tries to find out if his roommate is gay by faking being in trance.
1/5/19 4:52 PM
Willie Cici
Doug and Matt found themselves assigned to a criminal case, one they would never forget . . .
12/31/18 12:12 PM
Glen is still trying to find his brainwashed lover Pat in the sex worker factory. But then he suddenly finds himself in an orgy with human toys and gets a very unexpected treatment by the toy that used to be Pat...
12/29/18 5:04 PM
The private detective tries one more time to make his escape.
12/21/18 11:49 AM
Willie Cici
Eddie needed some gas and some eats. He never expected to end up naked . . . and stupid!
12/18/18 7:40 PM
Willie Cici
Dante accepts a gig in Malibu and meets the head of the advertising agency . . .
12/17/18 7:47 AM
Griffin starts his new den and Devon helps Josh become a better man
12/15/18 10:23 PM
Willie Cici 12/13/18 5:46 PM
Willie Cici
Sergeant Donovan reports on his investigation. A phone call forces his return to 189 Delaware Avenue . . .
12/11/18 5:19 PM
Willie Cici
Dante is lured to the West Coast . . .
12/11/18 5:19 PM
Ethan enjoys some alone time with the highest bidder, Griffin feels the call of the wild
12/9/18 9:31 AM
Sage Stinson
A magic orchid help a group of seniors have the time of their lives in Key West in 2018.
12/8/18 9:27 PM
An afternoon of yard work results in something unexpected.
12/8/18 5:38 PM
Willie Cici
Josh continues his informal testing and uses his intern, Steve, as his next target . . .
12/4/18 7:38 PM
Willie Cici
Josh dispatches another test of the serum . . . on a college athletes
12/4/18 6:32 PM
Willie Cici
Connor learns that masks do not necessarily hide your emotions . . .
12/4/18 5:44 PM
Willie Cici
Dante prefers the warm weather of Miami . . . and the hotties!
12/4/18 5:43 PM
Willie Cici
How could a serum change the mind?
12/4/18 10:54 AM
Willie Cici
A councilman's son did not go home last night. They found his car, but it couldn't be . . .
12/3/18 12:49 AM
Willie Cici
Dante traverses the ocean and arrives in NYC . . .
11/30/18 4:46 PM