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Willie Cici
A man finds himself stranded on an island, left to survive . . .
10/21/19 6:24 AM
Willie Cici 10/11/19 6:08 PM
Willie Cici
Is it possible? Can Adam have his cake and eat it too?
10/11/19 6:06 PM
Willie Cici 10/11/19 3:04 PM
Willie Cici
Trey, still ambivalent, schedules another date . . .
10/8/19 7:51 PM
Willie Cici
Tommy wanted that muscled body and was willing to do anything to get it . . .
10/5/19 8:40 PM
Willie Cici
Eric wanted to help his friend and his long-term insomnia . . .
10/5/19 8:39 PM
Willie Cici
Trey explores his sexuality with an escort service. He can't believe the escort whom the agency sent . . .
10/5/19 8:35 PM
You Wish!
The genie has disappeared and left Bill behind with no clue as to what his final wish was...
9/30/19 4:19 AM
Nexis Pas
A comfortable chair, a fine cigar, a glass of wine, a warm fire, and Mike
9/26/19 10:10 PM
Willie Cici
Can fantasy become reality? It can -- in Vegas.
9/25/19 7:54 PM
With all the New Supermen falling under his spell, it looks like Lex Luthor might triumph at last.
9/23/19 11:07 AM
Is this increased level of sexual desire the New Normal... or is something more sinister going on?
9/23/19 9:10 AM
Willie Cici
Kyle and Jeff saw a man at the gym wearing a mask. What could it be?
9/9/19 4:35 PM
Willie Cici
Matt's girlfriend forces him to participate in a test of a new health product.
9/8/19 7:36 PM
absman420 9/6/19 4:17 PM
A young man is kidnapped and turned into a slave
9/5/19 3:48 PM
Willie Cici
After expressing concern about his son's recent behavior, Clint decides to accept Coach's invitation and become a volunteer coach . . .
8/26/19 7:37 PM
The fight is on for the ownership of Guernsey.
8/24/19 4:29 PM
Guernsey learns how the Herd came to be.
8/23/19 10:27 AM
The pollen begin to have an effect on people.
8/23/19 5:55 AM
Mandrill and Wolverine concoct a plan to bring in Wolverine's brother, Sabretooth, to the "Pack". Sometimes, taking risks is whats needed to succeed...
8/22/19 11:33 AM
Guernsey learns about animal husbandry
8/22/19 11:32 AM
absman420 8/21/19 12:13 PM
Guernsey has to ride his bike HOW far? With WHAT up his ass????
8/20/19 10:33 AM
absman420 8/19/19 2:09 PM
To get in the Herd, Guernsey has a few challenges to pass -- let's hope he's thirsty
8/18/19 10:48 AM
Willie Cici
Tony breaks up with his girlfriend. It was exactly what Grant planned . . .
8/17/19 7:02 PM
Willie Cici
Another emissary, a follower of Daligman, is sent to the planet . . .
8/17/19 6:56 PM
absman420 8/17/19 10:58 AM